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Is Milk Good For You?

One of the services I offer as a personal trainer in London is nutrition coaching. Face to face clients get nutrition advice at no extra cost, and for those who don’t train face to face with me, I offer online coaching. One of the issues I come across a lot is the effect of milk […]

Phytic Acid in Grains and Oats

As a personal trainer with London clients asking me what they should and shouldn’t eat, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my own eating habits. For breakfast, I often eat raw porridge oats with organic milk and an orange chopped in. However, if you eat your oats raw, you should be aware […]

How to Get More Out of Your Workouts

Here are my top 7 tips to get more out of your workouts, based on my 12 years’ experience as a personal trainer in London: 1. Intensity Focus 100% on your workout, and don’t let anything distract you. If you spend the bulk of your time chatting to fellow gym members, checking your mobile phone, […]

Is Genetic Testing for Fitness and Nutrition Worth It?

DNA technology has progressed massively in the last two decades. We can now map the human genome, and identify a whole range of genetic predispositions. As a personal trainer, I get asked by my London clients if it’s worth them getting their DNA analysed, to see what it says about their response to certain types […]

Personal Trainer in London Helps Clients to Quit Smoking

Some of my greatest achievements as a personal trainer in London have been helping clients to quit smoking. As the biggest single avoidable cause of death and disease in the world, smoking is a killer and a wrecker of your quality of life. If you smoke, the sooner you quit the better, for yourself and […]

Elderly Health & Fitness in London

As a personal trainer in London who has had older clients over 70 years old, I know the challenges they face when it comes to their health and fitness. We live in a society which tends to sideline older people, but equally older people often feel that a decline in their health and fitness is […]

Personal Training on London Tennis Courts

As a personal trainer in London for over a decade, I train clients in their own homes, in gyms in their apartment blocks, in their gardens, in the parks (in Boroughs which don’t prosecute personal trainers for training their clients in the park), and on public tennis courts. You can get a great workout on […]

Treadmill Workouts

The treadmill is a great workout tool, as it enables you to do very precise workouts, and the number don’t lie. If you run outdoors, there are definitely benefits of varying gradients, and being out in the fresh air (not so fresh in London) and close to nature if you get off-road, but on the […]

Book Review: Pete Sampras, A Champion’s Mind (The Autobiography)

If you’ve read my review of Jimmy Connors’ autobiography, you’ll know I’m a big tennis fan. I play tennis at Aldersbrook Tennis Club in Wanstead, London E11, where the tennis coaching team of Phil Vivian and his son Jamie Vivian are based (Jamie is a qualified personal trainer as well as tennis coach). When I’m […]