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The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said “Let food by thy medicine.”

Healthy food has a nourishing, life-affirming and healing effect. Highly processed junk food makes you sick. If your diet is full of processed foods, ready-made meals and takeaways, you’ll end up with excess body-fat (particularly the dangerous visceral fat around your vital organs) and a body full of toxins.

When you start eating more healthily, your health will improve naturally, and you’ll be able to cut down on some medications. Nutritious food is often the best medicine. Before coming off any medication, always check with your doctor first.

Don’t rely on exercise alone to achieve your health and fitness goals, because you can never out-train a bad diet. That’s why my personal training clients in London receive ongoing nutrition advice as part of the package.

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In addition to your nutrition report and food diary analysis, your two weeks nutrition coaching entitles you to two weeks of email support where you can ask me any nutrition-related questions. My online nutrition clients have found that their eating habits change for the better in a very short time, and they don’t feel deprived or hungry. I’ll show you that healthy eating can be delicious, fulfilling, and highly nutritious with all the health benefits that come with eating wholesome food and eliminating the junk.