Personal Trainer in London for Obese Clients

If you are looking for a personal trainer in London who specialises in helping obese clients lose serious amounts of body fat, look no further. I’ve been helping clients in London lose weight for over 20 years.


I would seriously discourage you from resorting to weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery. With my guidance and support, you can beat obesity into submission with a combination of healthy eating, a wide range of exercise, and a warrior mindset. Weight loss surgery will not make you stronger, it won’t make you more disciplined, it won’t teach you how to eat more healthily. Sure, you’ll eat far less after bariatric surgery, but that is a very different thing from healthy eating.


In order to lose serious amounts of excess body fat, you have to really want to achieve that goal. I will help you set realistic weight loss targets over the following months, and show you how to meet those targets. A key element in achieving significant weight loss is the belief that you can do it. I strongly recommend you read the brilliant book Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz, which explores the concepts of self-image and the subconscious mind.


Part of achieving a warrior mindset is to crush all the misconceptions you may have about obesity.

“Obesity is an incurable disease,” is a widespread misconception. Obesity is perfectly curable, I’ve helped dozens of obese clients lose a lot of weight. Portraying obese people as powerless victims is not helpful. Victim mentality is the enemy of taking positive action.

“To lose weight, you need to severely restrict your calorie intake,” is one of the most dangerous misconceptions. If you fall for one of the many extreme commercial diets being pushed on unsuspecting people every January, ie starvation diets which deprive you of essential nutrients, the body perceives it’s being starved and your metabolism slows to a crawl. But if you eat healthily, the body does not perceive it is being starved, you simply lose weight steadily and keep it off.


The most effective form of exercise to reverse obesity is resistance exercise to build muscle-mass. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism and the faster you burn excess body fat.

The key to an effective exercise regime is that it is regular, progressive, and varied. This is why hiring a personal trainer is a smart move: you get the most effective and safe workouts possible.


As any personal trainer with nutrition qualifications will tell you, eating healthily is not about eating less of everything. Sure, you need to eat a lot less processed junk food (ideally none), but you need to eat a lot more of one particular food type: vegetables. This is the nutritional magic bullet if you are obese. Make vegetables the dominant component of your meals, the other components being high quality protein with every meal, a small quantity of complex carbs, some good fats (again in small quantities), and lots of water between meals to help the fat-loss process.

Foods to cut down on: cakes, biscuits, pasta, pizza, chips, crisps, fizzy drinks.

Foods to eat more of: broccoli, red peppers, sprouts, courgettes, red grapes, blueberries, lean steak, chicken breasts, salmon, eggs (poached not fried).


If you’re obese, beware of the negative influence of the people around you, the people closest to you. Are they encouraging you to lose weight or hindering your weight loss goals? Make it crystal-clear to all your family and friends and work-colleagues that you are determined to achieve a healthy weight, and you need their support.

If you’re out with friends at a restaurant, stick to one glass of wine and skip the pudding. Choose meals that are high in protein (such as steak and chicken breast and fish) and low in processed carbohydrates.

(Dominic Londesborough is a personal trainer in London and an online nutrition coach.)

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