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London Personal Trainer for Clients with Type 2 Diabetes

Introduction Over the last 16 years I’ve trained more clients in London with type 2 diabetes than I can remember. Every personal trainer should have at least a basic knowledge of the causes and consequences of type 2 diabetes, how to train a diabetic client, and how best to advise on nutrition. Exercise for diabetics […]

What My Tennis Coaches in London Taught Me

Over the years I’ve learnt so much from tennis coaches I’ve hired around London, and from opponents much better than me. Here are the top tips I’ve been given, and I hope you enjoy putting them into practice yourself: Eye of the Predator Remember those wildlife documentaries where the eagle is stalking its prey? It’s […]

Personal Trainer in London Recommends these Healthy Foods

I’ve been a personal trainer in London for 13 years now, and I advise my clients that good nutrition is just as important as exercise if you’re serious about getting fit and healthy. Here are some healthy foods to add to your eating plan: Low salt baked beans This is a great staple food to […]

Is Milk Good For You?

One of the services I offer as a personal trainer in London is nutrition coaching. Face to face clients get nutrition advice at no extra cost, and for those who don’t train face to face with me, I offer online coaching. One of the issues I come across a lot is the effect of milk […]

Are E-Cigarettes a Safe Alternative to Smoking?

As a personal trainer with clients in London who want to quit smoking I’m concerned about the rise of e-cigarettes, or “vaping”. It feels like a backward step to see e-cigarette advertising in the media, when there is evidence that nicotine in this form can harm the lungs and damage your immune system. There are […]

The Dangers of Sugar

There’s a YouTube video I strongly recommend all personal trainers in London watch several times over and take careful notes, then pass on the information to their clients. It’s called “Sugar – The Bitter Truth” by Robert Lustig. Robert Lustig MD is on a mission to educate the world about sugar. He is an endocrinologist […]

Fitness Training for the Rugby World Cup

How do international rugby players train for the physical challenges of the Rugby World Cup? As a personal trainer in London I’m always interested in the fitness regimes of different sportspeople, and it all comes down to the right combination of overall fitness and sports-specific fitness. Cardiovascular fitness In the past, too much emphasis was […]

Rugby World Cup 2015: What the Players Eat

Optimum nutrition is a vital component of the success of any rugby team, and as a personal trainer in London I’m interested to see what the players eat. England Rugby Squad Here’s a breakdown of the nutrition regime of the England squad: Vegetables: spinach, green beans, carrots, avocados, beetroot juice Carbohydrates: porridge, sweet potatoes, lentils, […]

Table Tennis Training Camp in London

If you’re into table tennis and want to improve your game, check out the Gavin Rumgay Table Tennis Training Camp. Who? Gavin Rumgay is one of the UK’s best table tennis players. He’s an international coach, a Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist, 10 x Scottish Table Tennis Champion, and coaches table tennis privately in London. He […]