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Interview with London Personal Trainer Emanuel

Where do you train your London clients? Fitness First Bishopsgate, in the City of London, where the atmosphere is absolutely electric. Feeding off the amazing energy in the club acts like a catalyst for our workouts. Also, the set-up of the club is excellent,  great open space to train in and it feels like you […]

Jack LaLanne – The Godfather of Fitness

Born in 1914 in San Francisco, Jack LaLanne devoted his life to health and fitness in an era when doctors promoted smoking and demonized exercise. He became America’s first ever fitness guru, advising the American people to quit smoking & drinking, to eat less sugar and fat, and to exercise every day. Just 5’8″ in […]

Seaweed – King of the Superfoods

Most people turn their noses up at the prospect of eating seaweed, but when they try it, their opinion changes fast. That was my experience when I tried three different kinds of seaweed flakes, harvested from the sea off Scotland by the Edinburgh-based company Mara Seaweed, who then process it into flakes (and powders) in […]

Improve Your Sleep

I saw a fascinating documentary the other week: How to Sleep Well with Michael Mosley (Monday 08 August 2022 on BBC2). It really drove home the importance of good sleep for your health and wellbeing. For one thing, good sleep reduces your chances of getting Alzheimer’s, by reducing the build-up of abnormal proteins in the […]

How to Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can achieve for optimum health and wellbeing. Chronic poor sleep can increase your risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and shorten your life. It can also make it harder to burn body fat, to build muscle, and to concentrate. Millions of […]

Top 3 Sports & Fitness Holidays in the USA

As a personal trainer in London, my clients often ask me to research and recommend holiday locations that will align with their mission to get fit and healthy. Here are three incredible hotel resorts in the United States which will ensure you come back from holiday fitter than the day you left. Westin Riverfront, Avon, […]

What Makes a Great Personal Trainer?

When you hire a personal trainer you expect a professional service and tangible results in return for your time, effort and money. As a personal trainer in London, I strive to tick the following six boxes: 1. Focuses on results Clients come to you for results, and they’re paying good money for you to perform. […]

Book Review: The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger

This genius of bodybuilding and human achievement in everything he has set himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger – has produced the bible of muscle building workouts. With more than 850 photographs of exercises, this book is organised by muscle group and continues to stun me with its wealth of practical advice on building muscle. As a […]

Best Hotel Gyms & Spas: The Bulgari Hotel, London

Several of my personal training clients in London treat themselves to a couple of nights in luxury hotels which have high-end gyms and spas. I’ve noticed a recent trend in UK mini-breaks for the health-conscious, to avoid the nightmare of flight cancellations and Covid risks associated with overseas travel this year. The UK has many […]