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Six Magic Tennis Mantras

As well as being a personal trainer in London, I’m a keen tennis player, and over the years I’ve been a keen student of several tennis coaches in London. Here are six tennis mantras which helped me on court, and should help you too. Prep, Step, Hit An effective mantra should be short and punchy. […]

Personal Trainer in London Cures Tennis Elbow

When I’m not with my personal training clients, I’m on the tennis court. Like thousands of people in London, I love playing tennis, but back in 2005 I got a bad case of tennis elbow. Here’s my story: The Andy Roddick Serve Impressed with the speed and power of Andy Roddick’s serve, I thought I […]

Top Tennis Tips from London Tennis Coaches

I’ve had several tennis coaches in London over the years. They’ve shared some great tips with me, and these are the ones which made the biggest impact on my game: 1. Watch the ball Watch the ball like a hawk right from the moment it leaves your opponent’s racket string, right up to the moment […]

North London Tennis Star James Ward

James Ward, Britain’s number 2 tennis player behind Andy Murray, secured a fantastic victory in the Davis Cup in Glasgow last week, beating the giant 6′ 10″American John Isner in a gripping 5 set match in the Emirates Arena. What made James’s performance even more extraordinary was the fact that he came back from 2 […]