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Personal Trainer in London Cures Tennis Elbow

When I’m not with my personal training clients, I’m on the tennis court. Like thousands of people in London, I love playing tennis, but back in 2005 I got a bad case of tennis elbow. Here’s my story: The Andy Roddick Serve Impressed with the speed and power of Andy Roddick’s serve, I thought I […]

Top Tennis Tips from London Tennis Coaches

I’ve had several tennis coaches in London over the years. They’ve shared some great tips with me, and these are the ones which made the biggest impact on my game: 1. Watch the ball Watch the ball like a hawk right from the moment it leaves your opponent’s racket string, right up to the moment […]

Fitness Training of Angelique Kerber, Australian Open Champion 2016

Angelique Kerber, the 27 year old from Germany, has beaten probably the best female tennis player of all time, Serena Williams, in a gripping three set match to become Australian Open Grand Slam champion of 2016. I rushed back from my personal training client in Farringdon to watch the highlights on BBC1. Kerber managed to […]

Personal Training on London Tennis Courts

As a personal trainer in London for over a decade, I train clients in their own homes, in gyms in their apartment blocks, in their gardens, in the parks (in Boroughs which don’t prosecute personal trainers for training their clients in the park), and on public tennis courts. You can get a great workout on […]

Book Review: Pete Sampras, A Champion’s Mind (The Autobiography)

If you’ve read my review of Jimmy Connors’ autobiography, you’ll know I’m a big tennis fan. I play tennis at Aldersbrook Tennis Club in Wanstead, London E11, where the tennis coaching team of Phil Vivian and his son Jamie Vivian are based (Jamie is a qualified personal trainer as well as tennis coach). When I’m […]

Wimbledon 2015: Magic Monday

It’s the second Monday of Wimbledon, and I’m watching as much as possible between personal training clients. Luckily one of my clients in London EC2 is a tennis fan and insists on having the TV on while we train. It’s all 4th round matches today. Who will go through to the quarter finals? Andy Murray […]

Wimbledon 2015 Tennis Championships – Day 1

It’s Wimbledon again, and the weather looks set for a hot fortnight, with temperatures soaring to 31 degrees C in the shade this afternoon. As a London personal trainer and tennis fanatic, I’m interested in both the physical conditioning of the players and their skills on court. Andy Murray Andy, who has had a fantastic […]

Find a Tennis Partner in London

As a personal trainer in London, I always encourage my clients to build more activity into their daily lives. What better than to take up a sport? You get fit and have some competitive fun at the same time, which overcomes the complaint of many people that exercise is boring. That’s when I decided to […]

Outdoor Tennis Courts in London

There are more top quality tennis courts in London than ever before, thanks to funding from the LTA, Sport England, and London Borough Councils. In addition, there are some great organisations who run public tennis courts ¬†–¬†such as AllStarTennis , Will to Win, and Lifetime Tennis – the last two provide tennis coaching and tournaments […]