Book Review: Weight Wisdom: A Lighter Way of Thinking by Alan Jackson MSc

As a personal trainer in London I’m an avid reader of books on weight-loss, exercise and healthy lifestyle. Weight Wisdom is one of the most comprehensive and readable books I’ve read on the subject of losing excess body-fat and maintaining a healthy weight.

Alan Jackson takes you on a journey of self-discovery by encouraging you to think proactively about your weight and why you’ve reached that weight, and arms you with a set of strategies to reach a healthy weight and embrace a lifelong healthy lifestyle. The book is enriched with sharp humour and insightful personal anecdotes to emphasise key messages.

The main villain in the obesity epidemic is CRAP food, Alan Jackson explains, CRAP being an acronym for food/drink which is calorific, refined, appetising and processed. He points a lazer-beam at the junk food industry and likens its devious tactics to those of the tobacco industry.

The multiple variables which influence your weight are explored in depth: dietary fat, carbohydrates, protein, fibre, vitamins & minerals, sugary drinks, alcohol, exercise, daily activity, sleep, hormones, enzymes, metabolism, genetics, our obesogenic environment, government interventions, the junk food industry, highly-processed foods, the alcohol industry, and the all-important psychology of eating and exercise.

Above all, Weight Wisdom is an empowering book which shows that with the right mindset and strategies, everyone can reach a healthy weight.

Alan Jackson is the founder of the Weight Management Centre in London, and has 25 years of academic and teaching experience in his field of expertise. He has a Masters Degree in Obesity and Weight Management from the University of Chester, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Sports & Physical Activity.

(Book Review by Dominic Londesborough, a personal trainer in London and online nutrition coach)

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