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Beware of Caffeine Powders and Pills

In early March 2022 it was reported in the media that a personal trainer aged 29 from North Wales died after consuming a caffeine drink he made from caffeine powder. In a tragic miscalculation, he consumed the equivalent amount of caffeine found in 200 cups of coffee. The recommended serving was 60 – 300mg, but […]

Can Personal Training Help Resolve Back Problems?

If you suffer from back pain, it would be a wise investment to hire a personal trainer. Back problems can be financially damaging (endless weeks off work won’t help your career) as well as physically painful. So its worth spending the money on a personal trainer who will help strengthen your back, correct any muscle […]

What’s Wrong with Energy Drinks?

As a personal trainer in London with clients asking me for advice on their nutrition, one of my first recommendations is “ditch the energy drinks and fizzy sodas.” What’s so unhealthy about energy drinks and all fizzy sugary drinks? Here’s an outline: 2 methylimidazole This chemical is found in a lot of energy drinks, and […]