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London Personal Trainer Celebrates Introduction of Sugar Tax

As a personal trainer in London for the last 13 years, I was amazed and delighted in equal measure to see a sugar tax on sugary drinks introduced in yesterday’s Budget. Chancellor George Osborne has gone up in my estimations, because he has just announced a policy which will have a massive positive effect on […]

James Cracknell Campaigns Against Childhood Obesity

As a personal trainer with clients in London who are parents of obese children, my ears pricked up during last night’s Channel 4 News. James Cracknell, double Olympic gold medalist rower, is campaigning to tackle childhood obesity. He calls for a sugar tax, and also intervention by primary schools to ensure obese kids are supported […]

Sarah Wollaston and Childhood Obesity

I’ve lived in London since 1993 and been a personal trainer for the last 13 years. In that time I’ve seen more and more obese people in our capital, particularly kids. Back when I was at school in Yorkshire, there was only one overweight boy in our class, and one overweight girl. Now, 1/3 of […]

Personal Trainer’s Views on the Public Health Responsibility Deal

When governments put the interests of the food industry ahead of the interests of public health, the result is never going to be good for our nation’s health and in particular Britain’s obesity levels. As a personal trainer with obese clients, I sympathize with their struggle in our obesogenic society. Andrew Lansley & The Public […]

Jamie Oliver and Childhood Obesity in London

Earlier this year, celebrity chef and healthy food campaigner Jamie Oliver appeared before the Childhood Obesity Strategy Committee, a Parliamentary Select Committee chaired by Dr Sarah Wollaston MP. Jamie Oliver is passionate about healthy eating for kids, and as a personal trainer in London I feel the same way. It’s tragic to see parents giving […]