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How to Build Muscle and Bulk Up Healthily

If you’re looking to bulk up healthily and build a muscular physique, read on! As a personal trainer in London with over 20 years’ experience as from 2022 (yes, this blog post has been updated!), I’ve advised many clients how to build themselves up healthily, where the weight gain is muscle and not fat. There […]

Part 2: Personal Trainer in London Bulks Up and Builds Muscle

Part 1 of this blog post focused on the nutrition side of building muscle and bulking up. Here’s part 2, in which I’ll turn to the exercise side of the equation. The two go together, you can’t achieve optimum results if you neglect either the nutrition or the exercise. I’m a personal trainer in London […]

Personal Trainer in London Builds Muscle and Bulks Up

I’ve been a personal trainer in London for over 10 years now, and I’ve been interested in healthy eating and fitness for a lot longer than that. When I was a kid I was really skinny, and this drove me to find ways to build muscle, bulk up, and improve my physique. When I say […]