London Sport

Have you heard of this great organisation, London Sport? Its target audience is inactive Londoners and young Londoners, and its aim is to encourage them to get more active and develop healthy habits for life.

The new CEO of London Sport is Emily Robinson, appointed to take over from Tove Okunniwa in February 2022. Emily will drive forward one of London Sport’s key strategies is LDN MOVING – to inspire and enable more Londoners to engage in sport and physical activity of all kinds; particularly Londoners who are socially excluded, elderly, children and young people, under-represented, vulnerable, or disabled.

Working with Local Authorities and organisations, and supported by Sport England and the Mayor of London, the aim of London Sport is to break down barriers to physical activity for Londoners so that London becomes the most active city in the world. As London Sport states in its website: “Physical activity and sport has the power to help people live happier, healthier lives.” London Sport aims to instill healthy habits in Londoners to boost physical and mental wellbeing, individual development and social integration throughout our great capital city.

Check out London Sport’s inspiring 1 minute YouTube video “We Are Not Spectators” and follow them on Twitter @LondonSport. For more details, see their website

(Dominic Londesborough is a personal trainer in London and online nutrition coach)