Interview with London Personal Trainer Emanuel

Where do you train your London clients?

Fitness First Bishopsgate, in the City of London, where the atmosphere is absolutely electric. Feeding off the amazing energy in the club acts like a catalyst for our workouts. Also, the set-up of the club is excellent,  great open space to train in and it feels like you have got more than enough room to breathe. As a result it feels like you can definitely reach your potential here, as you’re not constricted in a closed space where you can’t spread your wings.

What first got you into the fitness world?

I was always interested into fitness when I was fairly young. This is due to my father being a natural bodybuilder back in his day, as well as competing in bodybuilding. My uncle too, he was a boxer and bodybuilder as was my dad. These were my two role models when I was very young, and as a result this had major influence on my path today, and I was always encouraged to pursue it, and did it gladly as I quickly realised the benefits from a young age.

My friend was actually a taekwondo world champion for his weight category at -63 kg, and him as well as our coach are responsible for the start of my journey into martial arts. There are also several coaches that helped me hone my skills along the way. I love it and it’s a part of me now.

I have competed in boxing, however covid came along and I stopped competing. Then I pursued Muay Thai and kickboxing, however before I could start competing properly  in those and build a decent record I decided to pursue personal training instead.

One other thing I do apart from being in the fitness industry is I model too.

Are you on social media?

Yes! Check out my Instagram: @itsemanueln

What sets you apart from other personal trainers?

I specialise in boxing 1-1 for self-defence which is what i believe makes me stand out from other PTs. My martial arts background as well is a bonus, with my skills in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai.

My style of coaching revolves around training for sports, as a result the broader name for what I specialise in is power training.

I’ve helped clients lose weight and gain muscle at the same time using my own principles that are linked to my speciality, as well as other diverse factors. I’ve also helped clients gain muscle and strength through my knowledge of the hypertrophy and strength systems.

My philosophy as a PT that I tell people and share with my clients is that I don’t strive to have the biggest, most muscular physique. Reason is that yes, individuals who strive for that acquire considerable strength and size, however they are most likely stiffer than average, more immobile than average, and their cardiovascular system may suffer due to the pressure of the increased weight of the heart just as some examples.

My philosophy is, that I would much rather strive for capability in all fitness aspects. As cheesy as it sounds, I would rather strive to be a superhero and move like one than just to simply look like one, and would strive to help my clients achieve the same. In my opinion, it’s a healthier way of living as well since all aspects of fitness are important.

I have Level 2 and Level 3 PT qualifications.

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