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How Leicester City FC Became Premier League Champions

Although my favourite sport is tennis, as a personal trainer I’m interested in the athletic performance of top players in all sports. The recent success of Leicester City Football Club has sparked my interest in how top footballers train. In what is now regarded as possibly the biggest achievement in football history, Leicester City became […]

How strong is your motivation to get fit and healthy?

It’s the start of another year, and people’s thoughts are turning to their goals for 2014. Some people, hopefully you, will set goals to increase their health and fitness. The people who succeed the most are the ones with the strongest reasons to stay the course. To paraphrase the philosopher Friedrich Nietzche, if you have […]

How are your New Year Resolutions progressing?

If you made a bunch of new year resolutions to get fit, lose weight, build muscle, and not stuck to them, you’re not alone. We’re now into February (where did January go?), and most people are so busy with their day to day lives that their new years resolutions are a distant memory. Here’s how you can get […]