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If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you’ll know by now that when I’m not seeing my clients as a personal trainer in London, I’m on the tennis court being thrashed by someone better than me.

YouTube is a fantastic and cost-effective source of tennis tips from a wealth of online tennis coaches from all over the world. Here are five of them who I follow on a regular basis, in ascending order of their subscriber numbers (rounded up/down to the nearest thousand).

Peter Freeman: Crunch Time Coaching

YouTube Subscribers: 56,000

Pete brings his great sense of humour and infectious enthusiasm to every video he produces. A former USTA Georgia Pro of the Year, Pete has been coaching and playing tennis for over 30 years.

Ryan Reidy: 2MinuteTennis

YouTube Subscribers: 158,000

Ryan is very strong on technical skills and how to practice these skills. He has many memorable analogies to help you absorb the technical biomechanics needed to perfect your strokes. Look out for the “birthday hat” analogy in the serve.

Patrick Moratoglou: Patrick Moratoglou

YouTube Subscribers: 159,000

You read it correctly, his YouTube channel is his name. Patrick is one of the world’s top tennis coaches of all time, as former coach to multiple Grand Slam champion Serena Williams and several world top 10 ATP players over his career, both male and female.

In addition to Serena Williams, his stable of tennis stars include Simona Halep, Marcos Baghdatis, Grigor Dimotrov, Stefanos Tsitsipas. Patrick is currently coaching rising star Holger Rune, who made phenomenal progress in 2022.

Patrick founded the Moratoglou Tennis Academy in France in 1996. Many of his YouTube videos are filmed here, showing a coaching session with one of his students. You will quickly see what a talented coach he is, full of urgency,energy and enthusiasm, not a second wasted.

Nikola Aracic: Intuitive Tennis

YouTube Subscribers: 205,000

This former top 40 NCAA Division 1 college player is a master of technical coaching. He focuses relentlessly on power, control, consistency, ironing out technical deficiencies, building on sound fundamentals, incremental progression to the next level.

Ian Westermann: Essential Tennis

YouTube Subscribers: 280,000

One of the most prolific YouTube tennis coaches on the internet, Ian lives and breathes tennis. His tagline is ‘Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players’ and his own passion for the game shines through.

Ian’s engaging content spans technical tips, tennis psychology (even tennis philosophy!) both in the psychology of learning and competing, tennis fitness, injury prevention, and slow-motion videos of ATP top 10 players with analysis and commentary.

Ian is author of Essential Tennis: Improve Faster, Play Smarter, and Win More Matches. When you see his prolific output, you can see that he pours his heart & soul into his YouTube channel.

(Dominic Londesborough is a personal trainer in London and a keen tennis player.)

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