Top Personal Trainers in London

Are you looking for a personal trainer in London to help you prepare for a triathlon or Ironman or climbing Kilimanjaro? Here are six top London personal trainers who are experts in their field for just these events:

Ray Buckton – personal trainer in London E1

Based at Gymbox Farringdon, Ray Buckton is a personal trainer and fitness model with two areas of expertise. He was in the swimming squad at the University of Bath, and more recently in 2013 he climbed mount Kilimanjaro, an altitude of 5,895 metres. So if you need a coach for the swimming element of a triathlon, or you need training to endure the challenge of Kilimanjaro, Ray is a good choice.

Angela Davies – London personal trainer with U Shape

Angela is part of the U Shape team of London personal trainers, founded by Nadya Fairweather. Angela has climbed mount Kilimanjaro, and completed several half-marathons, so she’s well experienced in helping clients train for endurance events.

Paul Weinreich – London personal trainer

Another member of the U Shape team, Paul has completed 3 Ironman triathlons, as well as a 100 mile Ultra-Marathon. He has trained alongside elite endurance athletes, and more than most other personal trainers in London he knows what it takes to train for the world’s most gruelling events.

Brian Jenkins – triathlon personal trainer in London

If you’re training for a triathlon, check out Brian Jenkins, a British Triathlon Level 3 Coach and former professional triathlete. Brian holds a Masters Degree in exercise physiology, so his knowledge runs deep. He runs Method Triathlon in Canary Wharf, which has video analysis technology to improve your swimming technique. He trains his clients for the running section of the triathlon on Wanstead Flats in east London.

Paul Mill – London cycling coach

Paul is a personal trainer in south east London, based at the National Sports Centre, Crystal Palace SE19. His expertise is cycling, and he puts his clients through biomechanical assessments and indoor training with Wattbike technology. For outdoor training he uses the country roads of Kent.

To boost your speed, distance, cycle technique, and cardiovascular fitness, Paul is your man.

David Skinner – east London personal trainer

Dave is the cycling strength & conditioning coach with Ignite PT in London E1. He also uses the Wattbike to build his clients’ speed and endurance, all monitored with analytic software. Dave will boost your aerobic and anaerobic threshold, and improve your flexibility with a regime of post-ride stretching (particularly glutes, hamstrings and calves).

Dave is a British Cycling coach, a Wattbike Power Cycling coach, and has trained national track cyclists and triathletes.

Dominic Londesborough, the author of this blog,  is a personal trainer in London and founder of