The 12 Best BMX Tracks in London

BMX (bicycle motorcross) is a sport of growing popularity in London, particularly among under 18’s. Its popularity really took off when the London 2012 Olympics hosted BMX racing (it first became an Olympic sport at Beijing 2008), and a dedicated BMX track was built near the Velodrome.

As part of the Olympic legacy, money has been pumped into the construction of new BMX tracks around London. Here are London’s 12 most exciting BMX tracks, in no particular order:

1. Haggerston Park BMX Track

(Haggerston Park, Goldsmith’s Row, Hackney, London E2 8OA)

Home to Hackney BMX Club, this track is floodlit during club nights. Adult and junior memberships are available, together with a free BMX maintenance programme for 13-18 year old’s.

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2.Lee Valley VeloPark BMX Track

(Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Abercrombie Road, Stratford, London E20 3AB)

Built for the London 2012 Olympics to host the BMX events, this BMX track is world-class, with steep ridges and other challenging features. It’s situated near the famous Velodrome where Chris Hoy won his gold medals. There’s also a racing bike outdoor road circuit, and a mountain bike trail.

3. Old Dagenham Park BMX Track

(Old Dagenham Park, Ballards Road, Dagenham, Greater London RM10 9TJ)

This BMX track is undergoing its third upgrade, this time to include a ‘pro’ straight. It’s the home of BAD BMX Club, and it has hosted several regional and national BMX race events.

4. Chalkhill BMX Track

(Barnhill Road, Brent, London HA9 9BU)

This BMX track was opened in June 2014 by Brent Council and Access Sport, as part of the Olympic legacy. It’s the home of Brent BMX which meets on Saturdays.

5. Gurnell Leisure Centre BMX Track

(Ruislip Road, Ealing, London W13 0AL)

Situated next to the leisure centre, this BMX track is part of Access Sport’s BMX legacy programme.

6. Brockwell Park BMX Track

(Dulwich Road, Brixton, London SE24 0PB)

Home to Brixton BMX Club since 1981, this track holds BMX coaching sessions and races.

7. Hornfair Park BMX Track

(Hornfair Park, off Shooters Hill, Greenwich, London SE18 4PE)

This track hosted the London 2012 Youth Games BMX events, and is used for regional competitions. With its 8 person start-gate and tarmac berms, it’s a prestige track for serious competitors and recreational BMX enthusiasts alike.

8. Wormwood Scrubs BMX Track

(Woodman’s Mews, Hammersmith, London W12 0HU)

This is one of the best BMX tracks in London, and home to Hammersmith BMX Club.

The track includes dirt jump style features, berm to berm jumps, fast rollers, and the only BMX wall ride in London.

9. Goosely Playing Fields BMX Track

(St Albans Avenue, East Ham, Newham, London E6 6HU)

This is the home of BMX-treme Club, which has close connections with the New Choices for Youth Trust.

10. Burgess Park BMX Track

(Albany Road, Southwark, London SE5 0AN)

This is another serious contender for title of best BMX track in London, with 350 metres of track, which includes a 70 metre pro-straight, and 3 metre high berms.

Home to Peckham BMX Club, this track has had over £1 million investment (part-funded by Mayor of London Sports Facilities Fund), and has been raced on by BMX world champion Quillan Isidore.

11. Mile End BMX Track

(Mile End Park, Burdett Road, London E3 4TN)

This track is home to Tower Hamlets BMX Club, which won the PRO-ACTIVE London Club of the Year Award.

12. Cheney Row BMX Track

(Cheney Row Open Space, Billet Road, Walthemstow, London E17 5ED)

This track is home to East London Bicycle Organisation (ELBO)


The author of this blog is Dominic Londesborough, a personal trainer in London and founder of the site.