Product Review: BOXD Protein Powder

I was excited to receive 7 sachets of vegan pea and white hemp BOXD Protein powder in the post yesterday, four in Double Chocolate Brownie flavour,and three in Madagascan Vanilla flavour.

Each 30g sachet contains 21g protein and just 141 calories. I loved the flavour and consistency of both the chocolate and the vanilla, the powders dissolve easily, and I appreciated the fact that they’re not too sweet, with just 0.2g sugars per sachet. Many brands of protein powders, shakes and bars let themselves down with too much sugar or sweeteners, so BOXD Protein is ahead of the game on this score. This powder also contains the full range of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

BOXD Protein was founded by Jamal Ramsay and Jamal Ayton-Brown. Check out their website for their full range of plant-based and whey-isolate shakes and their informative blog posts. You can also follow BOXD Protein on Twitter: @boxdhealthuk

This brand prides itself on its environmentally-friendly packaging and plant-based ingredients. They’ve ticked all the sustainability boxes, which puts them in a strong position to gain a competitive advantage over other protein shake brands in the market.

(Product review by London personal trainer Dominic Londesborough)