Cowspiracy (Netflix)

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Kip Anderson’s hard-hitting documentary is designed to get us to ditch meat-eating and switch to a plant-based diet.

The primary cause of environmental devastation is animal agriculture. One of the biggest contributions each of us as individuals can make to saving the planet is to become vegan, Kip Anderson argues.

136 million acres of rainforest have been lost to industrial cattle-rearing to date, just one of the staggering facts in this documentary. Today there are over 70 billion farm animals on the planet.

Human overpopulation is also part of the problem:
1812: 1 billion
1912: 1.5 billion
2012: 7 billion

In the related documentary Seaspiracy we learn that there is 5lbs of ‘by-kill’ for every 1lb of consumed fish. That’s turtles, rays, sharks, dolphins and dozens of other sea creatures needlessly killed and thrown back into the ocean.

For anyone thinking of becoming vegetarian or vegan, my advice would be to ensure that you are getting enough protein of sufficient quality to build muscle and perform all the functions of growth and vital repair that protein plays. Quinoa is a great source of complete protein. Make sure you eat a broad combination of lentils, beans, pulses and grains to ensure your diet is not protein-deficient. Also, take a multivitamin-mineral supplement to ensure you’re getting all the vital micronutrients your body needs.