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Book Review: Jimmy Connors, The Outsider, My Autobiography

When I’m not personal training my London clients, I’m either in the gym working out myself, or on the tennis court. I’ve loved tennis practically all my life, and if you’re as keen on tennis as me, I urge you to buy a copy of Jimmy Connors’ autobiography. Practice on the tennis court Connors had […]

Part 2 of my Review of Zoe Harcombe’s book ‘The Obesity Epidemic’

Zoe Harcombe’s book The Obesity Epidemic makes some valuable points, but some pretty dubious points too. I’m going to focus here on chapter 14 entitled “Do More – The Role of Exercise”. In a nutshell, Zoe Harcombe thinks that structured exercise has no useful role to play in tackling the obesity epidemic, and that our […]

Book Review: “The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It? How Can We Stop It?” by Zoe Harcombe

Zoe Harcombe is one of those nutrition writers who I find myself agreeing strongly with in some areas, and strongly disagreeing in others. Her degree is in maths and economics (Cambridge University) so she’s clearly intelligent, but not degree-educated in nutrition. She does however hold diplomas in Diet & Nutrition, and Clinical Weight Management. Here’s […]