BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

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Fancy a luxury wellness holiday on a Caribbean island? As a personal trainer in London, I recommend this (almost) all-inclusive resort to any of my clients who need to unwind and re-charge their batteries.


Opened in 1988, this resort has won awards for its great service and wide range of sports & fitness activities and wellness therapies.

“Give us your body for a week, and we’ll give you back your mind,” promises the website, which goes on to say that BodyHoliday is “changing lives, one person at a time.” This resort certainly looks like it lives up to its reputation as an “antidote to the pressures of modern life.”

The resort is founded on 4 pillars of wellness: relaxation, restorative beauty, exercise, and diet.


This beachside resort (Cariblue Beach, Cap Estate) is perfect for anyone keen on lounging on the beach and topping up their tan. The sea temperature is around 27c all year round, perfect for a swim.

The luxury rooms deliberately come without a television, to encourage you to get out of your room and explore the resort and the island. If you’re desperate to catch up with the world news, there’s a widescreen TV in the clubhouse.

There are a range of relaxing massage therapies available to un-kink those muscle-knots and release toxins.


BodyHoliday Resort has a BodyScience Clinic which offers a comprehensive set of diagnostic tests to establish your current health, followed by a personalised exercise and nutrition prescription for you to follow during your stay and beyond. A range of anti-ageing therapies and spa treatments are available.


The list of sports & activities on offer is impressive: scuba-diving, snorkelling, jet-ski, windsurfing, sailing, Wake-Boarding, Kayaking, gardening tutorials, gym with personal training, golf, tennis, archery, fencing, swimming… there’s something for everyone.


If you want to enhance your cookery skills, there are cooking classes on offer. The Tao Restaurant, BodyHoliday’s signature restaurant, offers a wide range of fusion food with emphasis on healthy ingredients, freshly-cooked. Most of the food and drink is included in your package, but some of the more expensive items are charged separately.

(Dominic Londesborough is a personal trainer in London and an online nutrition coach.)

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