Best Personal Trainers in London (Part 2)

If you’re into playing a particular sport, why not choose a personal trainer who knows that sport inside out, so they can give you some expert sports-specific training.

As a personal trainer in London myself, I know how much you can benefit from having some expert guidance.

Personal Trainers in London for Tennis

Lucy West is a tennis coach and personal trainer in London rolled into one. She has experience as a county player who competed in national finals, so if you have a competitive streak or need one injecting into you, Lucy is a good choice to have in your corner. Lucy has a degree in sports with a specialism in sports psychology, and has coached tennis around the UK and Europe. Lucy offers cardio-tennis, game-based sessions with game analysis, video analysis, and tennis psychology. She coaches at Regents Park Tennis Centre.

Jamie Vivian has been a nationally ranked tennis player since the age of 8, under the watchful eye of his father Phil Vivian who is one of the most highly qualified tennis coaches in the country. Jamie is a personal trainer, tennis coach, and qualified tennis referee. He has competed in national tournaments and reached a UK ranking high of 61. He coaches at Aldersbrook Tennis Club in London E11, and knows how to get you fit for tennis: strong core, fast around the court, and mentally tough.

Personal Trainers in London for Rowing

Gerald Smith trained the London Rowing Club which went on to win at Henley Royal Regatta. Gerald featured in my previous blog post as a running coach, and you can find more details about him there.

Simon Kelsky is a Sculpt personal trainer in south London, mainly working in Clapham. He was a competitive rower with the LSE University Rowing Team, and now specialises in fat loss to get his clients lean and toned.

Personal Trainers for Rugby

Russell Harris is a senior personal trainer in London ¬†with the Six3Nine team of PT’s. He holds a BSc in Sports Science, a Rugby Coaching Level 1 Certificate, and has a wealth of rugby-playing experience. If you’re into playing rugby and want to improve, Russell is your man.

Personal Trainers for Swimming

Kate Haywood is a personal trainer in south west London with a fantastic record of competitive swimming at the highest level. She trains her clients mainly in Putney, as part of the Sculpt team of PT’s. Kate competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and before that she won Silver at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games in Australia, in the 4 x 100m medley relay.

David Jones, founder of Sculpt team of personal trainers, is a former world-class swimmer who has gone on to train Olympic swimmers such as David Davies. He trains clients at the Sculpt gym in the Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park, and he is regarded as one of Kensington’s top personal trainers.

Paul Taaffe is the founder of Swimming Lessons London, and he trains his clients in multiple locations around the capital, including Russel Square, London WC1. He has recently created a new form of exercise, Swimsanity, a high-intensity water workout set to high-energy music.

Michael Jones is a personal trainer and swimming coach in Knightsbridge, London SW7. He is part of the Sculpt team of personal trainers in London. Michael blends fitness training with swimming technique, and is highly results-driven.

Dominic Londesborough is a personal trainer in London with over 12 years’ experience. He is the founder of, and also Fitness Buddy, a fitness social network in London with over 1,000 members.