Some of the Best Online Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer in London who never stops learning new ways of helping my clients, I’m always keen to see what the world’s most popular online trainers are advising their followers on social media and on their websites.

See below some of the top YouTube personal trainers for guys wanting to gain muscle and strength, and burn the fat at the same time.

1. Personal Trainer Mike Chang

Mike Chang’s YouTube channel is SixPackShortcuts.

These are some of his most popular videos: Killer V-Cut Abs Workout, 5 Minute Belly Fat Destroyer, 100 Reps Ab Workout.

His main thing is abdominal exercises, and he uses mainly bodyweight and dumbbells. He offers a ripped body and sixpack abs for those who commit to his workouts. His bodyweight workouts involve lots of burpees, push-ups, mountain-climbers, jump squats, and plank.

2. Personal Trainer Scott Herman

Scott Herman’s youtube channel is ScottHermanFitness.

Scott has produced hundreds of YouTube videos such as Maximum Growth Chest & Abs, Exercise Ball = Stronger Core, Plyo-Box Madness, and Dumbbell Bench Press Tips.

As you’ll see when you check out some of his videos, he has a very assertive and direct approach. His workouts are mainly gym-based with heavy weights and machines, for maximum muscle growth. He likes to train with his shirt off so you can see the muscles working.

3. Personal Trainer Scooby Werkstatt

Scooby’s youtube channel is Scooby1961. Now in his early 50′s, Scooby is the oldest in my top 8 with over 30 years’ training experience, and still going strong, which is an impressive track-record. His workouts are at home or in his garden in California, USA. He has branded himself as the home workout expert.

Scooby’s motto is “Knowledge, hard work, and persistence.” His own fitness regime is less bulking and more endurance these days, and he competes in long distance cycle races and triathlons. He also has a website ScoobysWorkshop.

4. Personal Trainer Elliott Hulse

Elliott’s motto is “how to become the strongest version of yourself”, which he practices at Strength Camp, his hardcore gym in St Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.  The Elliot Hulse youtube channel has hundreds of videos showing exercises with ropes, tyres, plyometric jump boxes, sled drags, barbell squats, farmers walks and deadlifts. he trains  a lot of High School American football players, so his focus is sports-specific.

5. Personal Trainer Peter Carvell

South African PT Peter Carvell’s YouTube channel is

Similar to Mike Chang, Peter is a self-proclaimed abs expert, with videos like Extreme Belly Fat Destroyer Workout, which has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times. “Don’t cheat, you just cheat yourself” is one of his mantras.

6. Personal Trainer Vince DelMonte

Canadian personal trainer Vince DelMonte is prolific on Youtube with his Vince DelMonte channel.

Formerly ‘skinny Vinny’, Vince brands himself as the ‘skinny guy saviour’ who’s target market is young skinny guys (‘hardgainers’) who want to bulk up with muscle. His workouts are mainly gym-based, and he advises on bodybuilding nutrition, cyclical bulking (and cutting), the best ratio of carbs:protein:fat for muscle gains, and how to eat clean.

7. Personal Trainer Marc Fitt

Marc’s youtube channel is MarcFitt.

Marc’s YouTube videos are mainly gym-based, and pretty hard-core training for muscle growth. “Working out is about self-improvement” is his philosophy, and his motto is “Control your mind, body, and life.” He really pushes himself, and inspires young men around the world to improve their physiques.

As the youngest on my list (he’s in his mid-20′s) he’s built up an impressive following, and his good-looks and easy going nature help boost his huge YouTube popularity.

8. Personal Trainer Craig Ballantyne

Canadians seem to be dominating the online personal training world! His youtube channel is Turbulence Training.

Craig’s main focus is bodyweight workouts, and he teaches you how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, with high-intensity interval training, any time, anywhere. He does a lot of pushups, pullups, squats, lunges, and a whole range of core workouts using just bodyweight.

Dominic Londesborough is a personal trainer in London, UK, and founder of the blog.