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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dominic Londesborough, founder of I’ve been a personal trainer in London for over a decade, and in that time I’ve seen the fitness industry in London continue to grow every year.

I’m blown away by the wealth of talent among London’s personal trainers, and the diversity of expertise they bring to the table. Here’s a snapshot of some of the best, but it’s by no means an exhaustive list. If you’re not included but feel you should be, have your say in the comments section below.

Personal Trainers in London for Muscle Growth

Mitch Gosling knows what it’s like to be obese. As a teenager he reached 18 stone in weight, at which point he decided to take control. He now sports one of the best male physiques in London, competes as a sponsored bodybuilder, and trains his London personal training clients to achieve their own body transformations.

David Lewis is a personal trainer with Embody Fitness, a highly-respected team of personal trainers in London founded by Rich Phillipps. David is an expert in strength training and muscle growth, including the all-important nutrition side of achieving a muscular physique.

Nash Jocic is training director at Muscleworks Gym, one of London’s best bodybuilding gyms. His no-nonsense approach to training shines through in his YouTube videos. See for yourself.

Scott White is a personal trainer in Fulham and throughout south London. He’s a member of the Sculpt team of personal trainers. Scott trained under the strength & conditioning guru Charles Poliquin, and leading sports nutrition authority Dr John Berardi, so he knows his stuff.

Plamen Handarov is a bodybuilding personal trainer at Pumping Iron Gym in north London N11. Originally from Bulgaria, Plamen has twice achieved the title of British National Bodybuilding Champion. He knows what it takes to build a muscular body, and gives his clients the benefit of his extensive experience.

Nick Mitchell is the founder of Ultimate Performance personal training gym in Mayfair, London W1. He’s a hardcore trainer with brains, and his YouTube videos provide a glimpse of his extensive knowledge in muscle growth training and nutrition.

Personal Trainers in London for Pilates

Vicky Warren is a pilates instructor at Bodyline Studios, a team of personal trainers in Ealing. She’s an expert in correcting muscle imbalances, improving flexibility, posture, core strength and stability.

Helen Atkinson runs a private pilates studio in west London called Ealing Pilates. She specialises in STOTT pilates, a more dynamic form of pilates which combines equipment (such as the pilates reformer machine) with mat work.

Personal Trainers in London with a Dance Background

Tara Gadre is part of the Embody Fitness team of personal trainers in east London. She is trained in professional ballet, and her clients include dancers and actors. She brings a disciplined and structured approach to her sessions, which reflects the rigor of her ballet training.

Personal Trainers in London for Yoga

Cloudia Swann is the yoga guru at Sculpt, a team of personal trainers in south west London. She specialises in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and trained under yoga coach Stewart Gilchrist. Vinyasa is a more challenging form of yoga which enhances muscular strength and endurance.

Kirsty Weir is a senior personal trainer and yoga teacher with Benefit Personal Training in south London. She has a degree in nutrition and a CHEK qualification in posture and correcting muscle imbalances.

Personal Trainers in London for High Intensity Interval Training

Tony Welford is a personal trainer and HIIT specialist at Bodyline Studios in Ealing. This form of training brings multiple benefits: cardio fitness, muscle conditioning, and fat loss. Tony’s dynamic approach ensures his clients get a challenging and varied workout every time. HIIT is a very time-efficient form of training and it’s growing in popularity throughout London’s busy population.

Personal Trainers in London for Boxing and Martial Arts

Joe Grant is a Sculpt personal trainer in Islington and throughout north London. He has a strong background in boxing, karate, Thai Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With this vast range of combat skills he is able to give his personal training clients a varied and challenging workout.

Jordan James, another Sculpt personal trainer, has a boxing background and gives his Notting Hill clients boxing lessons they’ll never forget.

Richard Marques is a martial arts teacher and boxercise instructor at Bodyline Fitness personal training studios in Ealing W5. Founded by Roy Summers, Bodyline has a strong reputation in the London fitness industry, and Richard brings combat expertise to Bodyline’s stable of talent.

Aston Mount is another London personal trainer from the Bodyline team. Aston’s a professional boxer, so his boxing personal training sessions give his clients a taste of the professional boxing world.

Dan Roberts runs his own personal training business, with a strong focus on self-defence, MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. His personal training clients include movie actors who require combat skills for their roles.

Personal Trainers in London for Fat Loss

Tim Hayes heads up a strong team of London personal trainers at Tim Hayes Fitness. He’s a qualified boxing coach, kettlebell instructor, and CHEK qualified. His workouts turn his clients into fat-burning machines.

Ben Camera was voted Men’s Health Personal Trainer of the Year 2013. He runs No.1 Fitness Personal Training studio in Tower Bridge (with another studio in Canary Wharf). His 11 week body transformation programme is very popular among his clients.

Ross Adkin runs City of London Personal Training, a private gym in the city of London within walking distance of Moorgate, Liverpool Street, and Bank. He combines fat loss workouts with nutrition coaching, and he’s very popular among bankers in the City.

Matt Roberts was one of the first celebrity personal trainers in London, opening his first personal training studio in 1995. He now runs studios in Kensington & Chelsea, Hampstead, and also in the city of London financial district. His personal training clients include the prime minister David Cameron, sports people, and movie stars.

Zuzana Loderova is a personal trainer in Hampstead, north London, as part of the Sculpt team. She is a qualified CHEK exercise coach, and a nutrition specialist.

Edward Loveday is one of Six3Nine’s team of personal trainers in London. He brings his expertise in HIIT, strength & conditioning, Kettlebell training, and TRX to bear in his weight-loss sessions.

Personal Trainers in London for Running

Gerald Smith of RunPerfect is a highly experienced running coach in east London. He has written for running magazines including Triathlon Plus, Trail Running, and Men’s Running. Gerald worked with Watford Football Club in 2008 and improved their running techniques. If you need a personal trainer in London for running, you’ve found an expert.

David Chalfen of RunCoach 1 to 1 trains his clients for 5k, 10k, up to Marathon running. He’s the author of the highly-regarded book ‘Improve your Marathon and Half-Marathon’. David is a member of the Serpentine Running Club, and an England Athletics Coach.

Personal Trainers in London for Ski-Fitness

Laura May Williams runs Fit for the Slopes, a personal training company in London which specialises in ski-fitness. Laura has over 20 years’ ski experience. She is British Assoc of Snowsport Instructors Level 1 qualified, and is head coach for strength & conditioning for the GB Snowboard Cross and Alpine Ski squads. If you want to get fit for your ski holiday, you’re in safe hands with Laura.

Personal Trainers in London for Vegans

Claire Desroches is a vegan and a personal trainer in London with Bodyline Studios. She knows how to create a vegan diet for maximum taste, nutritional richness and variety. If you’re a vegan in London and need professional advice on how to achieve optimum nutrition, Claire is the personal trainer for you. See her website Great Expectations Fitness where she blogs about vegan food.

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Dominic Londesborough is a personal trainer in London and founder of and Fitness Buddy.