Heavyweight Boxer David Haye’s Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet

Last night, David Haye knocked out his Australian opponent Mark De Mori in the first round.  He’s now got his sights on Anthony Joshua. One of my personal training clients in London was at the o2 Arena and said it was an electric atmosphere in the sold-out 16,000 crowd arena, but he wished the fight had been longer. As for David Haye, I think he was delighted with the speedy result, which amounted to a clinical assassination. It was a fantastic comeback for the boy from Bermondsey.

After a lay-off of over 3 years to rehabilitate from extensive shoulder surgery, Haye came back stronger and fitter than ever before. His trainer, Shane McGuigan, has only been with him for the last 4 months, but they have made great progress together in that short time.  After the fight Shane said he still wanted Haye to improve his defensive skills. I bet De Mori’s trainer will be saying the same about his fighter.

David Haye is articulate, well-spoken, measured and cool. His love of the sport shines through, and his respect for his opponents does him credit. When it comes to his nutrition regime, integrity dictates his choices. He says he’s appalled by the animal cruelty involved in meat production, so he’s now a sworn vegetarian.

How does Haye consume enough protein as a vegetarian? Here’s the food he consumes:

Tons of green vegetables
Whey protein shakes

This combination of nutrients ensure he gets the complete protein he needs for muscle growth, and the good fats from the avocados and nuts and seeds ensures sufficient growth hormone and testosterone production for muscle growth.

Haye says he ate loads to gain the weight he needed to fight De Mori, and he achieved this without putting on too much body fat, thanks to his discipline in cutting out all junk food and thanks also to his rigorous training regime.

Dominic Londesborough is a personal trainer in London and author of this blog.