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What’s Holding You Back?

Over the 12 year’s that I’ve been a personal trainer in London, I’ve asked all my new clients what’s been holding them back from achieving their fitness goals. Here are the 10 top reasons they gave (in no particular order), and how I helped them overcome their obstacles: 1. Other people One personal training client […]

Top 10 Ways to Beat Stress

Living in London can be stressful. As a personal trainer in London, I see stressed-out clients all the time. Richard Lazarus, the famous US psychologist, defined stress as “an imbalance between the demands made of an individual, and his perceived ability to cope with them.” You can’t eliminate all pressure from your life, nor should […]

Book Review: Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

I’ve been a personal trainer in London for over 10 years now, and over these years of training clients I’ve become more and more convinced that the best way to achieve any fitness goal is to exploit the power of your mind. And the best book by far, when it comes to unleashing the power […]