Top 20 Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

Here’s my top 20 nutrition tips for weight loss, in no particular order. Let me know which ones work for you, and which ones you’ve maybe not yet considered. And feel free to add your own tips. Leave a comment below!


1. Don’t skip meals

2. Drink water between meals

drink more water

3. Eat medjool dates instead of chocolate, if you’re a chocoholic

4. Eat a wide variety of fruit through the week

5. Eat more vegetables than fruit

6. Eat some of your veg raw (carrots, celery, radishes, baby sweetcorn)

7. Hummus makes a great snack (the low fat one)

8. Ditch the white bread, eat wholemeal

9. Ditch white rice too, eat bulgar wheat or quinoa instead

10. Sweet potatoes are so much more nutritious than just potatoes

11. Restrict red meat to once a week, make it a lean sirloin steak

12. Avoid processed meats like the plague

13. Snack on almonds and pumpkin seeds


14. Breakfast on fat-free plain natural yoghurt with blueberries thrown in

15. Have some lean protein with every meal

16. Don’t cut out all fat, eat good fats like salmon, avocados, olive oil

eat more good fats

17. Don’t wolf down your food, chew it thoroughly

18. Put your knife/fork/spoon down between mouthfuls

19. Eat small portions

20. Not all carbs are bad, eat complex carbs (eg- sweet potato, oats, lentils, beans, quinoa, bulgar) and avoid processed carbs (eg- white rice/bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits, fizzy drinks, sweets)

lentils for weight loss


  • Dom says:

    As a personal trainer in London with over 10 years experience, I’ve found that the biggest 3 challenges that my weight-loss clients have are numbers 5, 12, and 20.

    Most people eat less than half the amount of veg they need to be eating. There are so many health benefits to eating lots of veg, and weight loss is just one of them (and a very effective one).

    As for processed meats, I mean things like bacon, sausages, meat pies, ready-meals, pate, kebabs, the list goes on. So bad for your digestive system, so full of salt and saturated fat and countless additives which wreck your metabolism.

    And when you combine that with eating refined and processed carbs, it’s no wonder that we’ve got obesity and diabetes epidemics spreading throughout the western world.

  • Paresh says:

    I always get cravings for crisps What savory snacks can I eat that are healthy and are diet fizzy drinks which contain one cal any good for health

    • Dom says:

      hi Paresh, good savory snacks instead of crisps are things like almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, dried mango, low fat cottage cheese on rice-cakes, raisins, and blueberries. Small pots of low fat yoghurt make a great snack too.

      Snack on these in moderation though! I once told a personal training client to eat plenty of fruit, and he went overboard with whole punnets of strawberries a day! 3 portions of fruit a day is best, no more and no less.

      As for almonds/walnuts, eat no more than a dozen a day.

  • Dom says:

    Forgot to mention that low calorie fizzy drinks are not a healthy alternative! Even if they say ‘sugar free’, or ‘one calorie’, they’re still full of artificial sweeteners, which are bad for your health. Drink water instead.