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Before you perform any exercise mentioned on the Fitness4London.com website you agree to comply with the following rules on exercise safety, and you are deemed to have read and understood these rules:


Do not embark on an exercise programme without first consulting your doctor and obtaining medical clearance.


Before your exercise session, always warm up first. This means mobilising all the joints in their natural range of motion in smooth slow motions for at least 3 minutes, then performing gentle exercise for another 3 minutes to gradually raise the heart rate before starting your main exercise session.


Do not exercise if you feel unwell. Get better first. If you have an injury, do not exercise the injured body part.


During exercise, stop if you feel unwell or dizzy or light headed, or if you experience any sharp pain.


When using weights, ensure that correct technique is not compromised by using weights that are too heavy for you. All movements should be controlled, smooth and slow, with your body in the correct position throughout. Do not perform an exercise if you are unsure of correct technique.


When using weights such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells or resistance machines, ensure that correct technique is not compromised by using weights that are too heavy for you. All movements should be controlled, smooth and slow, with your body in the correct position throughout. Do not perform an exercise if you are unsure of correct technique.


Do not exercise in the gym for more than an hour at a time. There's no point in exceeding an hour, unless you are an experienced athlete and you are exceeding one hour for a valid reason such as endurance training or sport.


Do not exercise the same muscle group two days in a row.


Do not exercise if you have eaten a meal in the last 90 minutes (45 minutes if you just had a small snack). You need to digest the food first.


Do not exercise if you have not eaten anything in the last 3 hours. You will not have enough energy to perform an effective exercise session.


Wear comfortable gym clothes, especially a good fitting pair of trainers with good treads. Ensure your laces are well tied and are not dangling, so you don't trip up. Also ensure your clothing has no excessively baggy parts that could snag on exercise equipment. Beware of jewellery that may interfere with a safe exercise session. Remove all loose bracelets or necklaces, and put them in a safe place.


At the end of an exercise session, cool down for about 5 minutes by lowering the heart rate gradually with progressively more gentle exercise, and finally always stretch all the muscles you have exercised.



The rules in 4.1 above are not intended to be exhaustive and should not be construed as such.


Before you use Fitness Buddy you agree to read and observe at all times the Safety Tips posted on this website.






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