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As a London based personal trainer, over the years my clients often asked me to recommend a good tennis coach or massage therapist for example, and as I searched for the best coach for my clients, this is how the directory evolved. If you need a tennis coach in London to get you ready for Wimbledon, or a squash coach in central London, (or any one of a range of sports coaches wherever you live in London) you've come to the right place. Sports & fitness coaches are queueing up to get their details added to this directory, so it's growing all the time. For those of you who have submitted your details for a free listing, please be patient, as I'm working through a backlog! If you opt for a paid listing in a prime position, you go to the top of the list.

Rio 2016 has been an amazing Olympics. Team GB won more medals than they did at London 2012. Congratulations also to Team GB in the Paralympics, an amazing medal haul.

Directory of Personal Trainers in London

If you're looking for a great personal trainer in your part of London, click on the links below:

Personal trainers in the west end of London

Personal trainers in west London

Personal trainers in the city of London

Personal trainers in east London

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Here's one physical activity that anyone can do at zero cost: walking. But how pedestrian-friendly is London? Our amazing capital city is about to get a lot more pedestrian-friendly: see my blog post on the new Thames bridge from Pimlico to Nine Elms. We could do with a lot more pedestrian/cycle bridges across the Thames, but not overpriced ones like the Thames Garden Bridge, which will be closed to the public during corporate entertainment bookings, and cyclists will be banned from using the bridge.

So whatever your favourite sport or fitness activity, check out the side menu and see if your favourite venue is listed. If not, let me know and I'll add it. This directory is growing fast and it's thanks to visitors to sending in their requests for their favourite gym or tennis club or swimming pool to be added in the directory. Please help make this the best sports & fitness dirctory in London.

Best Health & Fitness Club in London?

See my blog post "Dom's Top 10 Health Clubs in London" and let me know if you agree with my ranking. At the other end of the scale, there are some pretty bad gyms in London too. Here are the top10 gym complaints. Have you experienced any of these issues in your gym?

You'll also find a fast growing directory of personal trainers in London, divided into areas of London eg - 'personal trainers in west London'.

Are you tempted to try Tough Mudder?

Every now and then (but not often enough), Tough Mudder comes to a location near London. Epping Forest would make a good venue, or one of the several disused airfields dotted around London. Check out this blog post: How to train for Tough Mudder

London's Olympic Legacy for Sports Participation

Has sports participation in London increased as a result of London 2012 Olympics? Check out this blog post on London's Olympic legacy. It would be great if young people in London chose to spend less time playing computer games like Call of Duty Black Ops and more time playing sports and getting physically fit.

See the left hand menu of sports and activities and try a new sport or fitness activity to add some variety to your fitness regime and social life too.  And don't forget to join the Fitness Buddy social network (which is totally free and always will be) to find new friends to get fit with.

Do you run a sports or fitness venue in London? You can add a free listing (30 words, but no link to your website), so get in touch. If you want a 70 word listing with a link to your site, there are paid positions available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Knightsbridge London SW7 ? Simply click the link to get started. Beware procrastination! Do it now. There's no better time than now.

Our capital is bursting with great sports and fitness venues, and talented coaches and instructors to boost your progress. If you're after a local sports or fitness venue in London, you've come to the right place.'s directory of sports and fitness activities in London is growing all the time.

Gyms in London

One of the biggest sections of the Fitness4London directory is 'gyms in London' which is divided into postcode area for ease of reference. Check out this blog post about the best gyms in London.

gyms in London

A quick health warning for anyone wanting to build muscle fast: You probably saw on the news a couple of months ago that anabolic steroid abuse in London is at an all-time high, among young men wanting a shortcut to building big muscles. If you know anyone who is abusing anabolic steroids, encourage them to go and see their GP, who can explain the health consequences, and where appropriate refer them to mental health experts. Side effects of steriod abuse include acne, haemorrhoids, cysts, hair-loss, accumulation of fatty tissue around the chest ('bitch tits'), swelling of the forehead, loss of sex drive, testicular atrophy, kidney damage, vein damage, and episodes of uncontrolled aggression ('roid rage').

Are you looking for a great swimming pool in London? The Aquatic Centre with its two 50 metre Olympic- size pools (in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park in Stratford, London E15) is finally open to the public. You can just turn up and pay, or go to the Greenwich Leisure website to book in advance. Great value for money.

If you're a parent of school-aged kids: Check out the 'Make a Splash' campaign, helping more London kids to learn to swim, by setting up temporary swimming pools at schools all over London. We need many more initiatives like these, for a much wider range of sports and fitness activities.

(Are you searching for a personal trainer in central London or Chelsea SW3 to train you at home? Click the link to get started on your new body...)

The directory section of came about thanks to one of my central London personal training clients who asked me to recommend some tennis coaches in London. I couldn't find a decent directory on the internet (most of the listings in the directories I found were out of date, as many tennis coaches are overseas students who have now gone back to Australia and NZ) so I thought I'd compile my own comprehensive list of tennis coaches for this website, and keep it up to date. This quickly expanded into a directory of tennis courts and tennis clubs in London too.

Two of the most popular searches for people who come to this site are 'tennis courts in London' and 'tennis coaches in London'. If you do a Google search you'll find that these search terms rank high in the search results, on some days they're even on page 1. Increasingly popular is the search term "swimming lessons in London", maybe it's the London 2012 effect.

tennis courts in London

Just click  (either below or on the left-hand menu) on your favourite sports and fitness activities to find coaches, instructors and venues for Tennis in London, Squash in London, Badminton in London,

Football in London, Rugby in London, Cricket in London, Golf in London, Running in London, Cycling in London, Rowing in London, Triathlon in London,

Pilates in London, Yoga in London, Bodybuilding in London, Weight Training in London,

Swimming in London, Climbing in London,

Boxing in London, Kickboxing in London, Karate in London, Judo in London, Fencing in London, Tae Kwon Do in London, and Jiu Jitsu in London.

Always ring the venue before visiting, to check opening times, location details and prices. All of these details can change from time to time. Please let me know if any details in this directory are out of date, and I'll update them straight away.

Looking for new trainers or sports gear? Check out Reebok online and see their great range.

If you're looking to hire a London personal trainer just click the link to find out more. To join Fitness Buddy for free, click here and join now, it's totally free to use and always will be. The most popular section of Fitness Buddy at the moment is gym buddy in London, it's way ahead of the other fitness buddy categories right now! Tennis buddy is the second most popular, as tennis is really big in London. Things like yoga and pilates are increasingly popular too.

If you run a fitness/sports venue and you want to be included in the free directory, please send me the venue's contact details and a brief description, using the Contact form. Paid listings are £40 for a whole 12 months, which guarantees you a top 3 position on the page, and you get a 70 word limit which includes a link to your website. Free listings have a word limit of 30 words, and no link to your website. For paid listings, contact me and I'll send you payment details.



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If you can recommend a personal trainer in London who is also an LTA qualified tennis coach, please contact me as I need more for the directory!


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