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Latest Rugby News

Team GB Men's Rugby 7s beat Argentina to reach the semi-finals. Dan Bibby scored the clinching try.

Team GB Rugby 7s womens side beat Fiji to reach the finals.

Hull beat Wigan to reach rugby league final. The other semi final: Warrington Wolves v Wakefield Wildcats.

England v Australia in the Rugby League International at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park stadium on Sunday 13 November 2016. Discounted tickets available for residents of Newham, thanks to an initiative my Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales. England Captain Sean O'Loughlin is excited to play at the the Olympic Stadium again in November.

England win the 6 Nations 2016. England's 31-21 victory over France was particularly sweet. Congratulations to coach Eddie Jones for leading England to victory.

The Pressure Principle by Dr Dave Alred

Former rugby kicking coach, now rugby pressure coach and author of this book. The mind game is key to all sports, and rugby is no exception. He advises players not to contemplate failure, as this only distracts you from focusing on what you need to do to succeed. He coached Jonny Wilkinson to focus and the results speak for themselves. Enthusiasm and focusing on the positives are crucial to avoid burn-out and to keep motivated, he says. Enthusiasm includes the burning desire to improve, and a real curiosity and enjoyment of the process of improving. It makes the work more fun, relaxes you, and thereby builds a positive energy which carries you through the tough times.

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What's the best fitness regime for rugby?

Your training should combine exercises to build your explosive speed and agility, your muscular strength (and muscle size, depending on what position you are), balance, core strength, and flexibility.

For speed, timed sprints over a set distance are a great exercise, so you can see your speed increase over time. For greater challenge, use a resistance parachute.

For muscular strength and size, the big exercises in the gym are what you need to focus on: squats, bench press, pullups, barbell squat & press above head (also known as clean & press). If your gym has tyres, do some tyre dragging and tyre flipping. Another great exercise is the 'farmers walk', which is walking a short distance carrying a pair of heavy dumbbells (just as you would carry a pair of heavy suitcases).

Injury prevention to make yourself less injury prone is a key feature of rugby fitness training. Ankle injuries are common, so balancing on 1 leg on a wobble board or BOSU Ball is a great exercise. Time yourself, and try to beat your personal best. 

For flexibility, particularly those stubborn calves and hamstrings, you need to perform at least 10 minutes of stretches at the end of your workouts. Don't stretch at the start of your workout, as your muscles are cold at the start. They need to be warm and pliable to get the best and safest stretch. Use a foam roller to break down muscle knots, particularly on the outside of the thigh where the iliotibial band (the long ligament which runs from your pelvis to your knee) can get tight.

Check out this blog post on fitness training for the Rugby World Cup

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East London Ladies RFC
Training sessions Wednesday evenings 7pm-9pm during the season at Memorial Ground, Holland Road, West Ham
Team Captain: Ciara Baxter

White Hart Lane Community Sports Centre
White Hart Lane, Wood Green N22 5QW. Tel - 020 8881 2323
Full size rugby pitch with floodlights

What's the best rugby club in London? Let me know and I might profile it on the Reviews page.

Barn Elms Sports Centre   
Queen Elizabeth Walk, Barnes SW13 0DG   Tel - 020 8876 9873
6 grass senior rugby pitches, 1 grass junior rugby pitch

Hackney Rugby Club   
Springhill Sports Ground, Spring Hill E5 9BL   Tel - 020 8374 5875
A developing rugby club in Hackney, east London

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