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Can you recommend any personal trainers in London who has been  competitive rowers before they became PT's? If so, please get in touch. I'd like to interview them for this page, and pick their brains about their favourite rowing fitess regimes. Rowing is a fantastic way to get fit, and there are plenty of people in London who would welcome some expert guidance on good technique, whether it's on the Concept 2 in the gym, or rowing on the Thames.

Latest Rowing News

Rio 2016 Olympics:
Team GB men's 8 take gold.

2016 Boat Race was held on Sunday 27th March, one of the sporting highlights of this Easter weekend, with both the women's race and men's race taking place on the same day. Cambridge beat Oxford by 5 seconds in the men's race, their first win since 2012. Cambridge hold the record for the fastest men's race. In 1998 they completed the course in 16 minutes 19 seconds.

2015 Women's Boat Race was a historic moment for rowing in this country. For the first time, the women's Oxford vs Cambridge boat race was on the same day as the men's race, and on the same course, as well as being televised live. Three firsts on the same day is quite a breakthrough for women's rowing. Four years ago in 2011 the women's race won sponsorship from Newton Investments, partly due to the presence of Natalie Redgrave (daughter of Sir Steve Redgrave) in the Oxford team. 

This year, Oxford won the women's race, and the winning rowers were: Maxie Scheske, Shelley Pearson, Anastasia Chitty, Jennifer Ehr, Lauren Kedar, Maddy Badcott, Caryn Davies, Emily Reynolds, Nadine Iberg.

Rowing is awesome for your cardiovascular fitness and whole body muscular endurance

Rowing is used in the army as a method of developing fitness. Army officers Major Tom Brunwin (Air Corps) and Major David Lambert took this one leap further by crossing the Atlantic in a rowing boat, in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2015. Their technique involved slow consistent strokes, as slow as one stroke per 2 seconds. To train for this massive endurance feat, they rowed on little sleep to get used to the feeling of sleep deprivation. In the Atlantic crossing, each rowed for 2 hours then the other took over.

When I lived in north London I trained for a few years at Maximum Fitness gym on Fortess Road, London N7 (halfway between Tufnell Park and Kentish Town). One of the personal trainers at this gym dispensed these words of wisdom: "if you want to get fit, get rowing."

He was talking about the Concept 2 rowing machine, which he promptly strapped me into during one of our personal training sessions, but the principle applies two-fold when you're out on the open water, rowing for real. The rowing machine in the gym is easier to get the hang of, and a lot more convenient. Yet most people don't make use of it, which is a shame because it's one of the best pieces of kit in the gym for overall endurance and cardio fitness.

If you want a real challenge, give interval training a go: row for 5 minutes at moderate pace, then alternate 1 minute fast/1 minute slow, for as long as you can. Then cooldown with 5 mins slow. You'll probably find you can only do 3 fast minutes at first, so build up the length of your interval training over time. If 1 minute fast is too much for you, begin with 30 seconds fast/1 minute slow. To add intensity, reduce the slow portion to 30 seconds.

If you're in any doubt about the effectiveness of rowing to get you fit, you only have to look at the Oxford and Cambridge rowing squads to see how fit they are. Rowing gives you a combination of cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and muscle growth from the resistance of oar against water. It's a real whole-body workout, and if you row regularly, you will get fit.

London Rowing Club
Embankment, Putney SW15 1LB  
Tel - 020 8788 0666
Nearest Tube: Putney Bridge (Wimbledon branch of District Line)

Vesta Rowing Club
Embankment, Putney SW15 1LB  
Tel - 020 8788 0326
Nearest Tube: Putney Bridge (Wimbledon branch of District Line)

Sons of the Thames Rowing Club
Tel - 020 8748 1841
Linden House, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, W6 9TA (Ravenscourt Tube, District Line)

Rowing is a demanding sport, which requires whole-body muscular strength, as well as cardiovascular fitness. Why not hire a personal trainer in London to get you into your best shape possible for rowing, together with a nutrition programme to support your goals? And meanwhile, spend some time on the Concept 2 rowing machine at the gym, it's a great form of cardio and builds muscle if you row fast at level 10. Concept 2 is still the best brand of rowing machine on the market.

Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club
Civil Service Boathouse, Dukes Meadows, Chiswick, W4 2SH
Nearest Train Station: Barnes Bridge

Globe Rowing Club
11 - 13 Crane Street, Greenwich SE10 9NP
Nearest Tube: North Greenwich (Jubilee Line)

Poplar Blackwall & District Rowing Club
The Boat House, Ferry Street, Cubitt Town, Isle of Dogs E14 3DT
email: enquiries (at) pbdrc (dot) co (dot) uk

Cygnet Rowing Club
Civil Service Boathouse, Dukes Meadows, Chiswick, W4 2SH
Enquiries: 020 8994 0025

Thames Rowing Club
Putney Embankment (between Festing Road and Rotherwood Road), SW15 1LB
Nearest Tube: Putney Bridge (District Line)

Auriol Kensington Rowing Club
14 Lower Mall, Hammersmith, W6 9DJ

The Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race

Here's some facts and figures about the world famous Boat Race:

Who won the 2015 men's Boat Race? Oxford - again!

Who won the 2013 Boat Race? Oxford won, in 17 minutes 28 seconds.

Who won the 2012 Boat Race? Cambridge won (race had to be re-started after a protestor swam in front of the boats)

Who won the 2011 Boat Race? Oxford won, in 17 minutes and 32 seconds (3 seconds faster than Cambridge's victory last year)

How long is the Boat Race course? 4 miles 374 yards, from Putney Bridge to Chiswick Bridge.

When was the first ever Boat Race? 1829.

How many dead heats have there been in the Boat Race? Only once, in 1877.

Who won the 2010 Boat Race? Cambridge won by 1.3 lengths, in a time of 17 minutes 35 seconds.

What is fastest ever Boat Race? The course record is 16 minutes 19 seconds, won by Cambridge in 1998.

How many strokes does it take on average? Approx 600 strokes to complete the course.

Where can I get the best views of the Boat Race? Putney Bridge (the start of the race), Putney Embankment, Bishops Park, Hammersmith, Barnes, Dukes Meadows, Chiswick Bridge (the finish).

Were there any Londoners in the 2010 Boat Race squads? Yes, Ben Myers (Kingston-upon-Thames) for Oxford, and Henry Pelly for Cambridge (Henry aims to make the next GB Olympic Team)


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