Personal Training Build Muscle

Trying to build muscle and bulk up without gaining far?

As a personal trainer in London with over 12 years' proven track record in helping clients bulk up, build muscle and lose excess body fat, I'm well equipped to help you achieve this goal.

I've also trained with a Russian bodybuilder who is a personal trainer in north London. He shared his extensive knowledge with me while I was his client. He was huge! This inspired me to became a personal trainer myself.

Personal Trainer London

If your goal is to bulk up (with muscle not fat), simply click the link above to get in touch, and I'll email you the initial consultation questionnaire. Then you can start building some serious muscle using tried and tested techniques.

What would your dream body look like? It's useful to have a clear picture in your mind of what you want. Do you want bigger arms, a six pack, or simply more definition for your whole body? We'll discuss your goals, and I'll create a varied workout that will get you results fast, and safely. Maybe you're really skinny and want to bulk up, but don't want to get fat. I can help you build lean mass. It won't happen overnight, but nothing worthwhile ever did, right?

Muscle growth requires three things - exercise with progressive overload, good nutrition, and plenty of sleep. I will help you achieve this crucial combination. You need to achieve all three to make real progress.

Please note: a 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Full fee due if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation given. This enables me to schedule my sessions, and train as many people as possible in the week. No personal trainer in London would be able to make a living without having a cancellation policy!

If you need a personal trainer in Wanstead, east London, I live a short bus ride away, so I can get to you easily. There are some green spaces near Wanstead High Street, and also opposite Wanstead tube, so we can train outdoors too. Same applies to anyone looking for a personal trainer in Woodford.

I only take on clients who are prepared to train once a week (or more if you can afford it). If you train with me once a week, I'll advise you (at no extra charge) on your exercise and nutrition between our sessions. To build muscle you should train 3 times per week with weights. I can advise you on dumbbells to buy so you can train between our sessions.

When you hire a personal trainer to help you build muscle, remember that your workouts should be challenging, but within safe limits. The weights you lift should focus on good form before you increase the weights, and any increase should be incremental. Never attempt to lift a weight that's more than 10% heavier than you're used to. And when you perform a new exercise, or an existing exercise at a new angle, always start light, even if you're tempted to dive into a heavy weight.

For testimonials from satisfied clients, see the main personal training page.

Perhaps you want to train on your own in the gym, but want some expert guidance on your nutrition? I offer  2 weeks online nutrition coaching for just £25. You will get excellent value for money. When the 2 weeks is completed, you can go it alone, or buy another 2 weeks. Remember, I have over 10 years experience helping clients to improve their eating habits.

Some training techniques I use to help clients build muscle

1. Slow negatives: the slower you perform the 2nd phase of a rep (ie- returning to the start position of an exercise), the longer you keep the muscle engaged, which stimulates muscle growth.

2. Push to failure: this means keep performing reps until you can't perform another one with good form. This way you're pushing to your (safe) limits, which is the key to muscle growth.

3. Drop sets: Perform a set to failure (see above), then reduce the weight, and perform another set to failure, and so on, with very short rests between sets (20 seconds is ideal). This helps you recruit different motor units each set, and stimulates more muscle growth.

4. Reduce rest periods: this makes for a more intensive workout, and a more time-efficient one too!

5. Compound sets: 2 sets of different exercises for the same muscle group, done without a rest in between.

6. Super sets: similar to compound sets in that you do 2 sets without a rest between sets, but the second set is for the opposite muscle group from the first set. Example: biceps/triceps, or chest/back.

All these methods help achieve progressive overload, and stimulate an adaptive response ie- muscle growth.