Personal Trainer Workout

Typical workout of a London personal trainer

I'm Dominic, a personal trainer in London with more than 12 years experience helping clients get fit, gain healthy lean muscle mass, and burn off that unwanted excess body fat. I train myself (not my clients) at Fitness First Bishopsgate three times a week, and also do some 15 minute core workouts at home, and tennis at weekends. Nobody wants an unfit out of shape personal trainer, so it's in my interests to stay in peak condition. Most personal trainers in London are in good shape, but some don't practice what they preach. I do.

See below for an example of one of my workout weeks, which demonstrates a good balance between upper and lower body exercises:

MONDAY: Chest & Shoulders Workout

For chest: 3 sets of each (varying the weights and reps to keep the body guessing)

Dumbbell incline press
Dumbbell flat press
Dumbbell flyes (flat or incline, super-slow negatives)
(other weeks I'll do Dumbbell pullover, decline bench press, cable crossovers)

Sometimes I throw in some pushups between sets, both flat and decline(with head lower than feet), for extra intensity. It's a killer!

For shoulders: 3 sets of each

Seated dumbbell shoulder press (the Arnold Press is a good variation)
Dumbbell front raises (alternate)
Dumbbell lateral raises
Combination front raise/lateral raise multi-reps

For shoulders I sometimes use the cable-crossover machine. It's really effective for lateral raises and front raises, as well as rear delt exercises. You don't need much weight to get results. Start really light, and build up slowly as you get stronger. Never use heavy weights for shoulders until you've mastered lighter weights and built up a good base of strength.

TUESDAY: rest day (sometimes tennis, with a long stretch at the end)

WEDNESDAY: Legs & Core Workout

For legs: 3 sets of each

Seated leg press machine
Barbell Squats
Dumbbell lunge (sometimes the walking lunge, which is great for balance and core strength as well as leg/glute strength)
Seated hamstring machine (I prefer the lying prone machine, but my current gym doesn't have this machine)
Calf raises (again, my current gym lacks a standing calf raise machine, so I improvise with free weights)

For core: 3 sets of each

Plank (on elbows and toes, this is also known as the Bridge)
Abs crunch with raised feet
Oblique crunch (performed super-slow for maximum effect)
Supermans (lying prone)
Swissball lower back raises

(A few years ago I had a personal trainer in north London, who got me to do 4 sets of abs without any rest in between. Intensive! Felt like someone had lit a fire on my stomach,and my abs were sore for a couple of days, in a good way.)

THURSDAY: cardio

Rowing machine 15 mins
Cross trainer 15 mins

FRIDAY: Back & Arms Workout

For back: 2 sets of each

Pullups (closed grip)
One arm dumbbell row
Lat pulldown machine
Barbell bentover row
Dumbbell shrugs

For rear delts (is muscles at rear of shoulders):

Bent-over dumbbell rear delt lateral raises (you can also use an incline bench for rear delts)
External rotations

For biceps (perform the negative phase really slowly):

Dumbbell curl
Dumbbell hammer curl
Cable machine scull-crusher

For triceps:

Cable machine pressdowns
One arm dumbbell extensions (standing)
Bentover one arm dumbbell extensions

SATURDAY: cardio & core strength

20 mins run
20 mins core strength workout

SUNDAY: tennis

Tennis match (90 mins - 2 hours)

Every workout begins with a warm-up, and ends with cooldown (5 minutes) and stretch (10 minutes). You can print out this page and take it to the gym with you as a guide.

For personal training sessions with me, in London within tube zones 1-3, click the link to find out more.