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Where else can you get 2 weeks online nutrition coaching together with food diary analysis for just £50.00 ? To get started simply click the link above and message me your contact details, and I will send you the questionnaire to start the process. I have over 12 years' experience helping clients improve their eating habits and enjoy the all the multiple benefits which result from eating healthy delicious food.

You are what you eat

Take a moment to consider this: What do you eat in a typical week? Does your diet consist of lot of ready meals, takeaways, alcohol, sugary/salty snacks between meals, and high-sugar cereals and yoghurts and so-called healthy energy drinks (yuk)? If the answer is yes it's time for a reality check. If you get most of your recipe ideas from The Great British Bake Off, you certainly need my help!

Do yourself a favour and start eating real food instead - you'll feel better and look better too. Ditch the junk food and start eating freshly prepared natural wholesome food, which will give you slow-release energy and good quality protein and plenty of vitamins & minerals.

What's the world's best diet? Check out this blog post to find out. By diet I don't mean a crash diet or restrictive diet of any kind, I mean a healthy eating plan which you can sustain for life.

How much sugar do you consume?

Most people eat far too much sugar, often without realising. Check out this blog post "How much Sugar do you Consume?" to find out more.

Two Weeks' Online Nutrition Coaching:  just £50.00

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said "let food by thy medicine". Healthy food has a nourishing, life-affirming, and healing effect. Highly processed junk food makes you sick. If your diet is full of processed foods, ready meals and takeaways, you'll end up with excess body-fat (particularly the dangerous visceral fat around your heart and liver) and a body full of toxins. When you start eating more healthily, your health will improve naturally, and you will be able to cut down on any medications you rely on. Nutritious food really is the best medicine.

Don't rely on exercise alone to achieve your goals, because you can never out-train a bad diet. That's why my personal training clients in London get ongoing nutrition advice as part of the package. If you're not one of my face to face personal training clients, you can still benefit from online nutrition coaching with me for a one-off payment of just £50.00. I challenge you to find better value from any personal trainer or any nutritionist anywhere in London. Bear in mind I've been doing this for over 12 years, so I've built up a lot of experience.

Good nutrition is the key to your health. You can't out-train a bad diet.

Sign up to my £50.00  2 weeks intensive online nutrition coaching today. Simply contact me here and I'll email you the Fitness4London Health, Nutrition, Exercise & Goals Questionnaire for you to complete and return to me. This questionnaire is 10 pages long, and covers not only your eating habits but also your goals, your medical conditions and symptoms, your energy levels, exercise & activity levels, sleep, and lifestyle. The more I know about you, the more effectively I can advise you. It won't take you long to complete, and the process of filling it in will start to focus your mind.

Once I've assessed your questionnaire replies, I will email you your personal nutrition report. You'll then get 2 weeks email support to get your new healthy eating plan off to a strong start. A key part of this is the food diary, which you complete and send to me during your 2 weeks support period, and I'll give you my feedback and suggestions. You'll find that simply filling in the food diary encourages you to eat more healthily, particularly when you know I'm going to be assessing it!

I now have over 11 years experience helping clients improve their eating habits and achieve their physique goals. Where else will you find personalised one-to-one nutrition advice from a nutritionist with 11 years post-qualification experience, for just £50.00? If you find better value anywhere else, let me know.

If you join Fitness Buddy, you'll get an extra week of food diary analysis for free.

What do professional rugby players eat?

Check out my blog post for the meals of each national team in the Rugby World Cup 2015

Tasty and Nutritious Recipes (and quick to prepare)

Check out the new recipe each week on This Week's Recipe page - they're all easy to prepare, and bursting with taste. One of the best things you can do for your health is to stop eating takeaways and ready-meals. Don't be brainwashed by the junkfood adverts and the tempting packaging of supermarket ready-meals. Put yourself first and prepare healthy and nutritious meals for yourself.

There's also a page of Smoothie Recipes (which is mainly vegetable juices). Should help to wean you off chocolate, crisps, and fizzy drinks. I've also included a section on raw vegetable juicing on this page.

If soups are your thing, you'll find some nutritious ideas on the Soups page.

And if you're vegetarian, there's plenty of tasty options to choose from in the Vegetarian Recipes page, with advice on how to get more iron in your diet if you're not eating meat.

Healthy Shopping List

When you're next planning a supermarket trip, print out this handy shopping list of nutritious items. This way you'll never be short of healthy foods in your fridge and cupboards. There may even be some items you've not considered!

Detailed online nutrition analysis for just £50.00
(includes 2 weeks email support & food diary analysis) 
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What do Personal Fitness Trainers Eat?

And if you're wondering what I eat ( I bet you're dying to know) then check out my personal trainer diet page. I consume a lot of calories because my metabolism is high and I'm working out, playing tennis, and on the move all the time.

Eating healthily will help you achieve whatever physical goals you set yourself. If you want to lose excess body fat, good nutrition is vital. If you want to build muscle, good nutrition will help you achieve a more muscular physique. See the pages on building muscle, and weight loss.

What is good nutrition?nutritionist in London

It's a combination of things:

What you eat: natural wholesome foods that include complex carbs, low-fat protein, good fats (monounsaturated, polyunsaturated), plenty of fruit & veg, and water. And of course the right balance and quantity of vitamins and minerals.

What you avoid: refined and processed foods, ready-meals, takeaways, sweets and cakes and biscuits, foods high in saturated fat, manufactured foods that contain trans fats (also known as hydrogenated fats),refined carbs, salt, sugar, excess alcohol.

How much you eat: we tend to over-eat or under-eat, few people get the balance right. Always have breakfast, and eat moderate portions through the day. If your goal is weight loss, reduce your portions until you are losing between 1-2lbs per week. If your goal is weight gain, increase your portions slightly until you are gaining weight at a rate of 1-2lbs per week. Make sure exercise goes hand-in-hand with weight gain, so that you are gaining muscle not fat. And to lose weight, you want to just lose excess body fat, not lean muscle.

What about vitamins & minerals? Click the link to find out more.

When and how you eat: Eat moderate portions every 3-4 hours. Always have breakfast, but don't eat just before bed. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and sit still for 10 minutes after you've finished eating. And don't exercise on a full stomach. How long should you digest before exercise? Depends on the size of your meal, so if you had a small snack of fruit and yoghurt, then 30 minutes is ok, but if you had a full meal, allow 2 hours digestion time before you hit the gym or tennis court.

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