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Hypnotherapy works by accessing your subconscious mind and reprogramming your subconscious in a way which empowers you and removes negative mental blocks.

A few years before I became a personal trainer myself, I hired a PT in north London who told me about his experience of hypnotherapy to help him achieve his dream body.

When he was a kid he had always been overweight, and throughout his teens and early twenties it affected his self-esteem, his social life, and his relationships. He had a strong desire to lose the excess weight, get fit, and build the muscular physique he wanted; but he lacked the self-belief to make it happen. When a friend suggested hypnotherapy, he resisted the idea at first, thinking it would be ineffective and a waste of money. 

Despite his reservations, he eventually gave hypnotherapy a try, and came to realise that several things had been holding him back on a very deep level. His hypnotherapist explained to him that his low self esteem was preventing him from believing that he could overcome his excess weight, and therefore preventing him from taking effective action on a consistent basis.

Over the course of several hypnotherapy sessions, he was guided through a series of visualisation exercises, in a deep relaxed state, so that his subconscious could be accessed and re-programmed with positive suggestions and images. The hypnotherapist literally re-wired his brain to think differently, in a way that empowered him rather than holding him back. He was given mental exercises to perform every day on his own, and over time his attitudes changed, his motivation and enthusiasm went through the roof, and he tackled his weight-loss and muscle-growth challenges with dedication until he had transformed his body (and mind). This led to him becoming a personal trainer when he moved to London.

Harmony Hypnotherapy Tel: 0845 644 3694
7 Adam Street, London WC2N 6AA
Founder: Darren Marks (specialist in Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner in NLP, Certified hypnosis instructor for the International Association of Counsellors & Therapists)
Darren's team includes: Hazel Gale, Gemma Bailey, Christine Neillands

City Hypnotherapy Centre Tel: 020 7421 7431
12 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2LP
Susannah Saunders, BSc Psychology (Hons)
Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy for weight loss, stopping smoking, motivation issues and more.

Doug Buckingham Mob - 07979 750291
Docklands E14, Central London, and mobile
Hypnotherapy for all issues including Weight-loss, Quit smoking, Past Life Regression, Reiki sessions and courses.

Hypnotherapy in London Tel - 020 8349 3946
Master Practitioner: Nick Othen
Over 10 prime locations in London
Weight loss, food cravings, stop smoking, and more.

Hypnotherapy London Tel - 020 8840 9961
18-20 The Grove, Ealing Broadway, W5 5LH

Empowering Solutions Tel - 020 8540 3366
136 Kingston Road, Wimbledon SW19 1LY (Nearest tube: Wimbledon)

Hypnotherapy can help you to unlock your hidden potential to achieve weight loss, muscle gain, quit smoking, or excel in your chosen sport.

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