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Are you looking for a gym buddy in London?

If you train in a gym in London, but find that you've lost motivation, or feel you're not progressing like you should be, Fitness Buddy is for you. is the number one website for finding a gym buddy in London. Click here to find yourself a gym buddy. It's totally free to join and use, and you can find someone with similar goals to you, and a similar level of strength and experience. Fitness Buddy enables you to select a gym buddy from a range of criteria, such as your part of London, your age group, your level of experience, and what days & times you want to train.

The key benefits of having a gym buddy

  • You'll have someone to motivate you while you work out
  • You're more likely to turn up at the gym when you've arranged to work out with someone there
  • When you're around other motivated people, you're more likely to stick to good habits
  • You can spot each other, and ensure you both work out safely and with good technique
  • You'll keep each other on-track to reach your goals faster, eg - prevent excessive rest-periods between sets
  • If you can't afford a personal trainer in London, this is a great alternative

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It's so easy to register Fitness Buddy. Simply choose your fitness activity, your level of experience, the part of London you want to train in, when you're available, and a brief profile description. You can also upload an image of yourself, and you'll get far more responses if you do. Don't forget to tick the boxes for email updates, or you'll miss out on the latest Fitness Buddy news.

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One of the best reasons to have a gym buddy or workout buddy is to boost your training intensity. It's a bit like training with a personal trainer, but without the cost. You'll focus on the exercise and help each other get more out of the session. When you train alone, it's very easy to rest for too long between sets of exercise. Rest periods should be no more than one minute ( 2 minutes if you've just done a really tough set and you're gasping for breath!). With a gym buddy, you should be doing your set, then they do their set straight after you, so you're in continuous exercise mode.

Before I became a personal trainer, I had a personal trainer in central London who would work out with me. This was highly motivating, and ensured that I was fully focused on training from start to finish. When I'd done my set, I was given instant reinforcement of correct technique by seeing him do his set, and we would spur each other on to do a really good workout. No messing around with mobile phones, idle chit-chat, or spending a solid 5 minutes at the water fountain filling a 2 litre bottle with water (these are just some of my pet hates in the gym!).

Another crucial advantage of having a gym buddy is that it makes the whole experience more fun. You're getting human interaction with someone whose goals match yours, rather than just going it alone. You can exchange ideas and tips as you go along, and inject some competition and humour into your sessions. Go find a Gym Buddy right now!