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Could you do with more fitness-minded friends to hang out with? Are you looking for a sporty social network in London that's totally free and always will be? You've found it! Welcome to your Fitness Buddy control panel,for log-in and sign-up.

This is the place to find new friends in London to go to the gym with for a workout, or play tennis in the local park, or join a squash or badminton club with. Perhaps you're looking for a walking buddy, weight loss buddy, or swimming buddy?

Fitness Buddy offers 14 options, including yoga, swimming, cycling, gym, karate, judo, pilates, yoga and running. When you log-in, the option buttons are on the left-hand menu. When you sign-up, remember to tick the boxes requesting email alerts when you get a Fitness Buddy message, and for news & updates to Fitness Buddy. If you don't tick these boxes you won't know if someone has messaged you, or get the latest news on Fitness Buddy upgrades and safety notices.

When you join Fitness Buddy, make sure you tick both boxes when you sign-up, so that you qualify for an extra week of food diary analysis if you buy the online nutrition coaching (just £50.00).

It's easy to unsubscribe from Fitness Buddy at any time, with just a click of a button.

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If you're not already a member, register now and create your free profile. It just takes a few minutes. Then you will be sent an activation email (check your spam folder). When your membership is activated, you can log in and:

Edit Your Profile
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Your fitness buddy will motivate you to achieve your goals faster. You'll have someone to be accountable to, someone to encourage you, someone to swap tips with. It's like being a personal trainer to each other, without the cost.

There are 14 fitness buddy options, ranging from tennis buddy to squash buddy, yoga buddy, pilates buddy, gym buddy, and running buddy. There's even a quit smoking buddy, and also a weight-loss buddy option so you can chat online and encourage each other. So far there are over 800 fitness buddies registered. The most popular option is gym buddy, followed by tennis buddy. Think of all those people in London waiting for you to message them!

Fitness Buddy is totally free to join and use, and always will be. Spread the word by hitting the 'like' button at the top of this page.