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Whether you're a cyclist or motor vehicle driver, take a few minutes to check out this youtube video by TfL for some safety tips while you're out and about on London's roads.

London is becoming more cycle-friendly every year, but we still lag behind the most cycle-friendly cities in the world, such as Amsterdam and Munich. Although the cycle superhighways, with their fully segregated infrastructure, are a big boost for London, we need far more cycle infrastructure as demand for cycling grows. Boris Johnson has done some good work as London Mayor to make London safer for cyclists, but Zac Goldsmith looks like he would be an even more proactive London Mayor, judging by his track-record as MP for Richmond Park & North Kingston. His online cycle survey in 2014 indicates that he's serious about listening to cyclists' ideas on how to make London more cycle-friendly. Zac Goldsmith, Conservative candidate for London Mayor, is well known as one of the party's greenest MP's.

What are the red pillars next to Blackfriars Bridge? They're the remains of the old railway bridge which was demolished in 1985, and provide a perfect opportunity to build a cycle/pedestrian only bridge alongside the current railway bridge. Will the future London Mayor have the vision to do this?

Rio 2016 Olympic Cycling

Men's BMX - Team GB's Liam Phillips crashed out of Rio 2016 in a 3 bike collision, but suffered no serious injuries.

Jason Kenny and Laura Trott both take gold in their cycling events.

Men's road race on day 1 ended with no medals for Team GB. Day 2 saw the women's road race, Lizzie Armitstead came 5th, and Anna van der Breggen crashed out on a sharp bend. 

Men's Individual Time Trials:
Chris Froome of Team GB won bronze, the gold medal going to Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland.

Bradley Wiggins now has won more Olympic medals than any other member of Team GB ever, clocking up 3 Gold medals on day 7.

Mark Cavendish wins silver in the men's omnium, and Laura Trott becomes the first woman to win 3 golds in the olympics for cycling events.

Tour of Britain: UK's largest pro bike race on Sunday 4 September - Sunday 11 September.

Cycling coaches and cycling clubs in London

Finsbury Park Cycling Club
Club runs: Sundays 9.30am 
Meeting point: corner of Mutton Lane and A1000 (Potters Bar)
Membership fees: enquire through website

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Lea Valley Cycling Club
Every Tuesday 7pm at Redbridge Cycle Circuit, IG6 3HP. Ride and meeting.
Every Sunday, clubrun 9am Walthemstow Town Hall, Forest Road
Contact Don Keen:  president (at)
A cycling club for ALL cyclists

Herne Hill Veledrome Burbage Road SE24 9HE  
Tel - 020 7737 4647
Nearest station: North Dulwich Train Station

What's the most cycle friendly city in the world? London is improving in leaps and bounds, but see the article below for the world leaders, just scroll down....

If you're a personal trainer and cycling coach in London, add your details to this directory for free.

Elite Cycling Tel: 0845 567 7788
Based at Crystal Palace Physio Group, south London
Cycling and Triathlon coaching

De Laune Cycling Club East Dulwich SE22 
Tel - 020 8290 1013

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After each bike ride, ensure you stretch your hamstrings, and don't forget to stretch your calf muscles too. This is the prime time to stretch, while your muscles are warm. And to feed your muscles after you've hopped off the saddle, have a protein shake at the ready.

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Just how cycle-friendly is London?

When you compare our capital to other cities around the world, how cycle friendly is London? Certainly the Boris Bike scheme has enhanced the status of cycling in the capital, but cycle routes and cycle safety still leave a lot to be desired, compared to many cities around the world which have far more advanced transport infrastructures.

One of the most cycle friendly cities in Europe is Munich, Germany. There are 750 miles of dedicated cycle-lanes which are physically segregated from the rest of the traffic, and cycling in Munich is huge. All the cycle lanes eminate from the historic tourist magnet Marienplatz square. There are also 9 miles of cycle paths alongside the River Isar, through scenic parkland and meadows. Perhaps TfL should go on a fact-finding mission to Munich to see how it's done. It would be great to have more cycle paths along the Thames.

More comparable to London is Berlin, Germany's largest city, with 3.5 million residents. Berlin has over 400 miles of bike lanes on the roads (90 miles of which are cycle-only), and a further 120 miles of off-road bike routes. Cycling accounts for 13% of all journeys in Berlin, compared to 3% in London. There is also an online bicycle route-planner, rather like our TfL Journeyplanner website.

The most cycle-friendly city in the world is arguably Amsterdam, Netherlands, where 40% of all commutes are by bike. The Amsterdam Bike Ramp at Centraal Station holds 7,000 (yes seven thousand!) bikes for commuters. Now that's a serious commitment to cycling.

In the United States, the city of Portland, Oregon, is right up there in the world rankings. There are 250 miles of dedicated cycle paths (the Portland Bicycle Network) which link different boroughs of the city, and 10% of all commutes are by bike. For low-income residents there's a subsidised budget bike scheme, where qualifying residents get a bike with safety helmet, padlock & chain, a cycle map, and even rain-wear. Apparently it rains a lot in Portland, Oregon. Portland is much smaller than London, with a population of just 585,000, which makes their huge cycling provision all the more impressive.

Check out the blog of Christian Wolmar (google his name), a cycle infrastructure expert, who wanted to stand as London mayor in 2016 in order to transform London's cycle infrastructure, and boost pedestrian-friendly routes too. Although he was not nominated, he will still be a vocal force in favour of cycling in London, and whoever becomes London mayor would be wise to hire him as Cycling Tzar.