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A big welcome to Fitness4London.com, one of London's fastest growing fitness websites. If you're into fitness and good nutrition, you've come to the right place. If you also live in London, you'll find this site particularly useful.

There's no better time than now to focus on your health & fitness goals for 2017.

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Fitness4London.com has tons of information and inspiration for all Londoners who want to get more out of life. Please explore the site and suggest new content. This is how Fitness4London.com has grown over the years - from all your feedback and suggestions. I try to reply to everyone's emails and social network messages (I'm on Twitter @Fitness4London), and I look forward to hearing from you all.

The Fitness4London site and its social network Fitness Buddy is the creation of Dominic Londesborough, a personal trainer in London who trains his fitness clients in the privacy of their own homes (zones 1-3 only), or in the park if they prefer a PT session outdoors (except in the Royal Parks). If you're looking for the cheapest personal trainer in London, you're looking in the wrong place. I'm reassuringly expensive because I get results. If you're looking for one of the best personal trainers in London, continue exploring this site.

Personal Trainer in London

personal trainer in LondonAre you looking for a personal trainer in Chelsea London SW3 ? I'm in this part of London during weekdays between 10am - 5pm, so get in touch and book a taster session for just £30.00. I train clients all over London within tube zones 1-3 (and Wanstead) Monday - Friday 7am - 8pm, and Saturday/Sunday mornings 8am - 12 noon. If you're looking for sessions any earlier in the morning, you're probably not getting enough sleep.

If you need to get rid of excess body fat, or your fitness levels could do with a boost, get in touch right now, and we can start taking action as soon as possible. Imagine yourself in the spring and summer of 2017: lean and toned, fit and healthy. That's a worthwhile goal, isn't it?

There is now a directory of personal trainers in central London, north London, south west London, and west London in the Sports & Activities section, complete with their contact details and their qualifications and areas of expertise. When you hire a personal trainer, make sure they show you their qualifications, insurance certificate, and first aid certificate.


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London health & fitness latest

A complete ban on smoking in outdoor public spaces where people gather (parks and squares) is long overdue, and may be coming soon to London. Royal Society for Public Health is calling for a ban in public spaces. It will be fantastic to sit on the steps around Trafalgar Square, Duke of York Square, the Royal Parks, at bus stops and outside pubs without being poisoned by cigarette smoke. There will be a lot less litter from smokers' cigarette stubs too.

As a Londoner you'll know it's a challenge to stay fit and healthy in this crazy city. Junk food takeaways dominate every high street, particularly in poor areas. At the other end of the scale, top restaurants tempt you with rich food. Air pollution levels are sky-high, whatever Boris Johnson says. Green spaces are too few in some areas of London, particularly Islington and the financial district of EC1 and EC2. Ludicrously, some London borough councils are now prosecuting personal trainers for training their clients in the Royal Parks in London without a having paid a large licence fee, an absolutely insane policy which will only deter people from using the parks to get fit.

Take a few minutes to check out the pages on exercise, fitness, sports, and optimum nutrition. You'll find a wealth of free and useful tips which you put into action today. Check out my blog for regular updates, and subscribe using the RSS button on the blog page so you don't miss an episode. And if you're looking for a personal trainer in London who trains you at home, you've come to the right site. There's a directory of fitness trainers in London on the personal training page, with personal trainers for weight loss and muscle growth.

Directory of Sports & Activities in London

Check out the fast expanding Sports & Activities section: Fitness4London.com's fitness directory is the go-to site if you're searching for a personal trainer in London, indoor tennis coach, pilates studio, golf coach, and a dozen more options. And my Health Theapists directory is packed with London physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychotherapists, heart health professionals, and more besides.

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Looking for a personal trainer in Chelsea SW3, or in London SW1, SW3, W8  or W11? I offer face-to-face personal training in Westminster SW1, Belgravia, Chelsea, South Kensington, and Notting Hill areas during the week. I also train clients in north London: Islington N1, Highbury and Barsbury N5, Highbury Fields N5, Highgate N6, and Hampstead NW3, so if you want a personal trainer in north London, get in touch! As long as you're within tube zones 1-3. If you live in the city of London EC1, EC2, and Clerkenwell area, I offer personal training here too. Whichever London personal trainer you choose, make sure they are fully qualified, that they have first aid qualifications, and see how much experience they have. It's also worth checking testimonials to see what other clients say about them.

Fitness Buddy

A popular way to get more exercise is to join my Fitness Buddy social network. There are now over a thousand Fitness Buddy members, and more are joining all the time. It's totally free (and always will be) to register & search for a gym buddy in London, also tennis buddy, badminton buddy, squash buddy, pilates buddy,martial arts buddy, running buddy, swimming buddy, weight-loss buddy, quit-smoking buddy, or any one of the 14 sports and fitness options. New members from all over London are joining every day. Join now, it's totally free and you can send unlimited messages to fellow fitness buddies in London. Fitness Buddy is free to use and always will be. Most popular options are 'gym' and tennis. Yoga and pilates are also proving very popular. Did I mention that Fitness Buddy is totally free to join and use? If you can't afford to hire a personal trainer in London, a fitness buddy is a good alternative.fitness buddy in London

If you're looking to buy some exercise equipment at home just click the link and check out the huge range of dumbbells, kettlebells, swissballs, foam rolling, medicine balls, yoga mats, and lots more. Fitness and sports equipment makes an ideal Christmas gift for friends and family. What could be better than the gift of fitness? It might encourage a loved one to get more active.

Online Nutrition Coaching

If you can't afford expensive nutritionist consultation fees (which can run into the hundreds of pounds) why not improve your diet with my affordable online nutrition assessment, followed by 2 weeks email support and analysis of food diaries, all for a single one-off payment of £50.00 - contact me for more details. You'll get great value for money from my 11 years hands-on experience as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in London, so get in touch now and start the ball rolling to achieve your health and fitness goals. Where else can you get this level of nutrition advice for just £50.00?

Before I qualified as a personal trainer 12 years ago, I hired several personal trainers in various parts of London over the years, and I gained a lot of practical experience from seeing things from the client's perspective. This is what inspired me to become a personal trainer myself.


Feel free to contact me with any comments and suggestions about this site. Perhaps you want to see more exercise videos, or recipe ideas. Let me know!  And if you're searching for a personal trainer in Londonclick here to contact me to find out more.

Want to get fit outdoors? Check out the Green Gym page, all about gardening, and working out in your garden.

Fitness4London.com also has a fast expanding directory of tennis coaches in London, gyms in London, and directories for a whole range of sports and fitness activities in the capital.


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